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Dump Truck Mining Course

Learn to operate the big haul trucks on a live coal mine site


“There is still a high demand for equipment operators on mine, resource and civil sites and the opportunities for rewarding employment still look promising in 2018.”

Employers, when choosing operators focus on four main areas:

  • Safety
  • Realistic Training
  • Attitude
  • Experience

The better the hands on dump truck training the better chance you have of getting one of the highly sought-after positions.

This comprehensive dump truck (Haul Truck) course is better than a dump truck traineeship because it will teach you exactly what you need to know so you can be a valuable asset to a mining company or subcontractor.

The training course is run on real coal mine where you will interact with other mining machinery such as excavators, water trucks, light vehicles etc.

This is a realistic mining experience.

  • You will be breathalysed prior to training each day
  • You will need to conform to mine standards
  • You will learn how to correctly operate these huge vehicles
  • User mobile phones safely
  • You will wear the appropriate PPE
  • You will attend morning briefings and pre-start checks…plus a whole lot more.


This training course will also help you demonstrate your safety knowledge, whether it is in the interview room or on site you, will be able to show that you are a safety-motivated operator.

POS comms (Positive communication) is one of the cornerstones of their safety first approach and is embedded in all their training. Employers regard POS comms as an essential skill that makes a difference to your job prospects.

Realistic Training

This dump truck course exceeds the requirements of the unit of competency (RIIMPO311D РConduct Rigid Haul Truck Operations).

Qualified operators who can demonstrate a wide range of driving experience and training will more than likely be favoured by mining companies, over those who have not had night time operations experience.

Applying for dump truck operator positions and showing the night time driving and training on a resume, could make a significant difference to the outcome.

These aspects of the training course will dramatically improve your chances of getting a well paid mining job.

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What you get

  • Benefits of the real coal mining environment prepares you well.
  • A carefully designed, intensive course for maximum time behind the wheel.
  • Real driving experience in realistic mining conditions (a key thing employers look at).
  • Instruction on defensive driving.
  • Emergency braking (to show employers you can handle their trucks).
  • A nationally recognised unit of competency so you can work anywhere in Australia.


We believe you need to be MIND ready and not just MINE ready to work in the industry. The course trainers focus on getting you ready for your mining career and they make you aware of the social, emotional, psychological and cultural aspects of working in a fast-paced mining environment.


Whilst there is a continuing push for companies to hire new starters, the more similar experience you can get, the more likely you will be of securing a long-term position.

Some people prefer to look for a dump truck traineeship, although this type of training can help you get into the mining industry as a dump truck driver, new starters who have proven they have the right attitude and have invested heavily in themselves often stand a better chance of a position.

Pre-booking this course is essential to avoid missing out

Dump Truck Course Queensland

Course name: RIIMPO338D Conduct Haul Truck Operations


The course is held close to Ipswich, west of Brisbane, Queensland.

The coal mine site is huge, (this is a live mine site) with long haul road circuits so you can really get to experience the power of the big haul truck.

There are plenty of challenging driving conditions, including declines, inclines and a range of different substrates so you can really learn what is required to drive haul trucks on a real mine site.

Dump Truck Combination Course

Dump Truck Course
Call for details as this course has limited spots.

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How often are the dump truck courses run?

The dump truck course is run every week, although the spots fill up fast. Once you’ve booked your spot, we will co-ordinate with you on the times and dates that best suits your time-frame and availability.

Please note: Basic English, reading and writing skills are necessary due to safety requirements on mine sites. You will not be accepted at the course should you not have these basic skills.