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Strong Demand For Dump Truck Operators in 2018/19
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This is a realistic learning experience;

  • How to conform to mine standards as well as just how a mine site operates.
  • Your expected performance as a member of a production crew
  • Learn how to safely operate these huge vehicles
  • Attending morning briefings and pre-start checks…plus a whole lot more.
  • Pre-start machinery check / Post-machinery check – checking for defects on your machine
  • Understanding how a dump truck functions and a guided tour of the cab
  • One of the major maneouvers of reversing up to an excavator and wait t=o be loaded
  • Control truck in slippery conditions
  • Horn signalling which is one the most commonly used signal when entering or leaving leading areas and pits
  • Positive radio communications
  • Mine site safety protocols with regards to machinery operations
  • Driving the dump truck with a full load as well as empty
  • Driving alongside with other machinery on site
  • Emergency braking and safety operations
  • Control truck in slippery conditions
  • Correct and safe dumping techniques
  • Filling out of daily sheets and forms
  • Safety tagging out of equipment
  • The training course is run under the Mining and Quarry Act where you will work alongside other mining machinery such as excavators, water trucks, light vehicles etc.

Dump Truck Course Currently Unavailable

No previous experience needed
Nationally Recognised Training
2-5 day affordable and enjoyable course
Work in mining or quarrying – you choose

iMINCO dump truck course - training in Brisbane

Dump Truck Course Queensland

Course name: RIIMPO338D Conduct Haul Truck Operations

Location: Brisbane Area

The training site is huge, with haul road circuits so you can really get to experience the power and thrill of driving a big dump truck.

There are plenty of challenging driving conditions, including declines, inclines and a range of different substrates.

Dump Truck Course Training

Dump truck courses can runs weekly. Once you’ve booked your spot, we will find the best times and dates that best fits in with your availability and the vacant spots on the course.

Realistic Experience

Whilst there is a continuing push for companies to hire new starters, the more similar experience you can get, the more likely you will be of securing a long-term position.

Some people prefer to look for a dump truck traineeship, although this type of training can help you get into the mining industry as a dump truck driver, new starters who have proven they have the right attitude and have invested heavily in themselves often stand a better chance of a position.

The skills you will learn on the training course, plus the qualification: (RIIMPO311D – Conduct Rigid Haul Truck Operations), will absolutely improve your chances of getting a well paid mining job.

Pre-booking this course is essential to avoid missing out

Please note: Basic English, reading and writing skills are necessary due to safety requirements. You will not be accepted at the course if you don’t have these basic skills.