Bowen Basin Mining Jobs

Bowen Basin Mining Jobs

qld coal mining jobsQueensland coal production is forging ahead with India’s Adani Mining activities in the Galilee Basin, 160 km north-west of Clermont, Queensland.

This project is now rapidly developingt, with indications foreseeing a bright future for coal mining jobs in Queensland.

Coal is Australia’s second largest export.

Deputy Queensland Premier Jeff Seeney said the export coal sector was a critical part of the state’s economy and infrastructure needs, now and into the future.

From initial estimates the Carmichael mine will create 1000’s of mining jobs. The mine will employ the use ofopen-cut and underground coal mining operations as well as a fully operational accommodation village and airstrip to accommodate FIFO workers.

Construction of the mine-to-port railway line is a massive undertaking and will provide up to 2200 construction jobs and up to 290 operational jobs centered around transporting the coal to the Abbot Point coal terminal via Moranbah.

Dudgeon Point Coal Terminal is also under review as a possible option to expand the export capacity where Adani hopes the additional railway infrastructure will allow an extra 10 million tons per year of coal capacity.

Adani Group has secured a 99-year lease and is aiming for 50 million tonne export capacity. Adani has applied to increase the capacity by 70 million tonnes to cater for its Carmichael mine, which will eventually become Australia’s largest coal mine.

  • Adani is India’s number one privately owned coal importer with their coal, cargo handling and power generation activities being projected to increase four to 10 fold over the next decade.

Another project is also underway in the region with another Indian company GVK and Australian rail hauler Aurizon who have already structured a deal to build a495km standard gauge railway line to service their coal mining operations at the proposed Alpha Coal and Alpha West Mines as well as the Kevin’s Corner Coal Mining Operation.

  • GVK is one of India`s leading business conglomerate ranging in experience and expertise in energy, natural resources, airports, transportation, hospitality and life sciences.
  • Aurizon is Australia`s largest rail freight company serving freight operations in five states. In 2012 Aurizon moved more than 250 million tonnes of freight, including coal, iron ore,general freight and agricultural products.

These mine sites alone have coal reserves of around 8 billion tonnes with a capacity to move 80 million tonnes per year from the mine to the Abbot Point Coal Terminal, where it will be loaded onto ships and transported to India. Alpha and Alpha West will be traditional open-cut mines with coal seams being approximately 3 to 8 metres below the surface.

India has an insatiable appetite for coal in order to provide the fuel to power the electricity generating needs of it’s massive population. With these demands, it creates great opportunity for Queenslanders to look to companies like Adani and GVK for employment opportunities.

How to prepare for a career in coal mining in Queensland

Without a doubt there will always be fierce competition for mining jobs, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The mining and resource sector, like any other industry survives by ‘producing’. To produce, you need a dedicated team of people who are all highly trained and focused on meeting the needs of the business as well as remaining aware of controlling operational costs and making a profit. Profitability for mining companies ensures they remain competitive and can re-invest back into the business to allow growth and further expansion – which relates to job security for workers already employed in the business.

The other benefit of this is it allows for the creation of new mining jobs in the region. Jobs growth has been in the media for some time, especially in the mining sector. With the fluctuations of commodity prices of coal, iron ore, gold and other minerals, it’s understandable mining companies are cautious about risking their future in certain projects. However, the Indian connection to coal mining assets in Queensland looks to be solid. India needs to get its coal from somewhere; and it has chosen Australia as the preferred supplier.

The mining industry in Australia is suffering from a lack of productivity and I read the other day that productivity has dropped 30% in the last 10 years. This is not such a good statistic for the industry and there is now more than ever, a focus on employing people who are results-driven and can bring a fresh outlook to the job. This is good news if you are a person who is prepared to get stuck in and do a good job. As we all know, the rewards can be great if you have the ability to stick it out and devote a few years to your career.

New starters in the coal mining industry are often confused as to where to start and what they need to at least get a foot in the door. People who are already trade-qualified stand a better chance at moving from a civil construction or operational role into mining because more often than not, this is where the skills shortage lies at the moment.

iMINCO is dedicated to helping people just like you, to get a mining job. We know it’s not a walk in the park either, that’s why we’re constantly in touch with mining companies and recruiters to find out exactly what it takes to get into the mining and resource sector.

From our recent conversations we’ve compiled a list of things you must have before you can start to look for a job in the industry. To be honest, we find that if you’re not prepared to invest in yourself, to spend a bit of money on self-education, training and research, then your chances of even getting a start in the industry are reduced somewhat.

Checklist for getting into a mining job in Queensland

  • Learn about the mining industry in Queensland. Research who the mining companies are and what projects are underway. Just by visiting their websites, you can gain a massive amount of information.
  • Get the right training under your belt. You must do a Mining Induction safety training course. This is a Queensland government initiative. The price of a Mining Induction course is $795. This is a Generic inductionCoal(Standard 11) certification.
  • The coal industry in Queensland requires you to be physically fit. You need to have a current Coal Board Medical certificate. These can be arranged at a cost of $275.
  • You may also have to complete a second pre- employment medical before being offered a job.
  • You may also be required to have a chest x-ray at a cost of around $100.
  • Some mining companies also insist on a drug and alcohol test prior to starting work, with regular on-site testing.
  • Have a valid car licence (not essential for some roles).
  • You must have authority to work in Australia. (This can exclude backpackers and travellers).
  • Set up job alerts on SEEK, CareerOne, Indeed and other mining jobs boards.
  • Purchase mining news publications like the Mining Chronicle, Australian Mining Review and Australian Mining magazine. Theses publications are a good source for jobs as they always report on new mining developments in the region, giving you a head-start over other people who don’t even bother to keep up-to-date with mining news.
  • Search for mining jobs Queensland on Google. An example of this would be to use the most common keywords like “mining jobs queensland”, “coal mining jobs queensland”.
  • Prepare your resume and cover letter to be mining focused. A professionally, well written, mining focused resume, with targeted keywords and qualification highlights that pass resume-scanning software will cost around $280.

To keep up-to-date with mining news in Australia, you can also register to receive the free Mining Project News, which is an email newsletter packed with mining news and information for job-seekers.

Have you downloaded your copy of the latest Mining Jobs Guide 2013? This is also a free resource iMINCO created with leading mining and resource training company Industry Pathways. This workbook is full of mining information for people looking to break into the industry. Download your copy here.

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