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Cougar Energy (ASX:CXY) recently created a buzz and excitement around the possibility of new mining jobs in Queensland.

It announced that the Bowen Basin Mackenzie PCI coal project is on track for production by 2017 and is expected to produce 3 million tons of coal per annum.

Located in the coal mining hub of activity in the Queensland Bowen Basin and covering an area of 21 km². For those on the lookout for a Queensland mining job or looking to work in mining in the Bowen Basin, then this project should be a one to keep your eye on as it`s fast approaching kick-off, and with activity heating up, it is expected that Cougar will be scoping skilled workers in the near future for numerous mining jobs in the Bowen Basin and this large-scale open cut mine.

Cougar announced it had raised over $700,000 by appealing to sophisticated and professional investors for a scoping study for its potentially significant coal discovery.

The recent completion of Phase 1 of the project and the significant cash injection from investors has fired up a lot of confidence in the future of the Queensland project.

According to reports, the Phase 1 exploration program at Mackenzie has exceeded Cougar Energy’s expectations, with 70% of the deposit modelled and has successfully allowed exploration to begin, resulting in significant  discoveries of PCI coal.

What is PCI coal?

Pulverised coal injection (PCI) is used in blast furnaces and is sought after by many of the world`s major steelworks and with it being such a highly desirable commodity owing to the  ultra-low volatile content makes it a very desirable product. The Mackenzie PCI coal asset has a 150 to 240 million tonne exploration target.

Why the Mackenzie PCI Coal Project is Set to Take Off

  • The Mackenzie project is within close proximity to existing logistics infrastructure ““ a fantastic location, in between long-term producers of PCI grade export coal, Jellinbah and Yarrabee open cut mines.
  • Yancoal’s Yarrabee coal mine owns a prominent haul road that runs directly through the tenement meaning product will be transported with ease, this also means construction costs for roads etc will be kept low.
  • The Boonal coal load-out facility and the Blackwater rail line is located only 26km`s to the north, which provides an ease of access to transport coal directly to the Port of Gladstone.

Cougar expects to complete the project’s scoping study over the next 4-6 weeks and Phase 2 is scheduled to commence later this year, which will include the company`s exploration program aiming to improve the resource definition of the target seams and will focus heavily on the southern section of the project.

This is the perfect time for people looking to work in the mines to start researching in Cougar Energy. There can be a lot of competition for mining jobs in Queensland, start your enquiries now before everyone else gets wind of the project.

If you want a mining job on the Mackenzie PCI project, here’s a few tips on how you can go about it.

  • The biggest tip we can give you is do your research on the Mackenzie PCI Project first! We’ve given you the links to find out more information.
  • Go to the company website and read all about what they do, get familiar with them.  You have to understand how their business works, what they do, where they do it and where their future growth is. You can take this knowledge and add snippets of it to your job application cover letter. This is very important as it makes you stand out from the other applicants who just use the same cover letter for all job applications.
  • Read in-depth information about Cougar Energy’s financial position on the Australian Stock Exchange. They are a listed company, so you can learn everything about their financial position and their forecast for growth.
  • If you prepare your resume to be mining focused this is the first step to getting an interview. Make certain your resume is up-to-date and has no spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. It can make or break your application.
  • Read our resume tips to help you be more successful with your mining job applications.
  • Prepare in advance for your interview. If you’re nervous or need help preparing then read our tips on “how to interview well for a job with Cougar Energy“.
  • Mining jobs require you to physically fit and ready to start work. The Mackenzie PCI project will require you to have passed a Coal Board Medical examination
  • Is your mining induction card valid? You will definitely need this to be current. You can also take a mining induction refresher course if you need to.
  • Look at what other mining, management, machinery skills training and OHS safety courses you can do to increase your job opportunities.
  • If you are new to the mining industry and are puzzled about how to get a start, read more information on how to get into mining with no experience. This is a really good resource and shows you the steps to take to get a mining job.
  • Increase your mining knowledge and get the mining and resource sector email newsletter iMINCO Project News.
  • Learn how to drive and maintain a 4 wheel drive vehicle, you may need these skills and it looks great on your resume too.
  • Make sure your social media profile does not contain anything that may hamper your chances of an interview. Remove any foul language or dodgy pictures of you in compromising poses or situations.
  • When you submit your job application at Cougar Energy, always follow it up with a phone call to ask if they have received it. This shows you are keen, motivated and action based.
  • If you do get an email or a phone call regarding your job application, be prepared to answer questions on the spot – know your stuff and be confident in your knowledge.
  • If you’ve have not heard back from them within a week or so, call them and enquire about your application progress, be persistent – but polite at the same time. The application process can take time, but don’t drop the ball and forget about your dream mining job.

Keep yourself up-to-date with news for the Mackenzie PCI project and Cougar Energy and use this when you are talking to the recruiters or with their human resources department. Every mining company and contractor is looking to hire reliable, committed and hard-working people who can think on their feet and contribute to the growth of the business.

Mining jobs in Queensland are not handed to you on a silver platter. You have to do the work and have the right mix of skills and attitude. If all you want is a job in mining and you’re thinking only about yourself and what you can get out it, then you may have to re-think how you see yourself in a mining job – times have changed.

Contact Cougar Energy: Level 10, Suite 1002,, Exchange Tower, 530 Little Collins Street, MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3000
Phone: 03 9909 7200

Read more information on jobs in Bowen Basin

For more information on the project, follow the links below

Australian Stock Exchange Release Cougar Energy

Listen to an audio interview with Rob Neill CEO & Managing Director as he talks about the Mackezie PCI Project. This interview gives some good insights about the future of the coal project.

Download more information on PCI and build your knowledge of the industry and why this coal resource is vital for Queensland. This is a Queensland government publication (PDF).

Reference:  A new PCI coal mine is targeted for production in 2017. Cougar Energy announced investor funding for its Mackenzie coal project with the prospect of creating more Queensland mining jobs.


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