Tips on where to find 2015 mining apprenticeships

Help, I’m looking for 2015 mining apprenticeships

Mining apprenticeships can be a great place to start a mining career in Australia.

If you are one of those people who love to take things apart or work with machinery and tools, or enjoy the challenge of physical work and are motivated by working in teams; then a mining apprenticeship could be for you.

The biggest problem facing Australian mining companies

Let’s face it; mining is a tough industry and it’s only going to get more competitive over the next few years. Mining companies are facing tough decisions as they wrestle with declining prices for the minerals they have spend a fortune mining. Falling prices have a flow-on effect that vibrates throughout the entire workforce, often with devastating outcomes for employees.

One of the other issues mining companies and contractors face is the shortage of skilled and qualified tradespeople to do the work. As you are well aware, mining companies in Australia have endured years of success and now are faced with many new challenges that threaten their profitability.

One of the focuses for mining managers is to increase productivity. What we mean by that is there is a massive push to get more coal, iron ore, gold etc out of the ground using the most cost-effective methods possible; then transport it, truck it, ship it – by whatever means possible to customers.

This increase in mining productivity in Australia has placed an enormous amount of stress on mining machinery like diesel and electric powered haul trucks, loaders, draglines, mechanical shovels, loaders and stackers, coal and iron ore processing plants, rail infrastructure like locomotives and carriages. Each piece of machinery must remain in tip-top condition in order to keep production output at the high levels mine managers expect.

Who’s going to fix this piece of mining machinery?

With mining machinery working harder than ever before, things break . . . that’s just what happens.

When machinery breaks, it’s not uncommon for the whole production process to suffer. For instance, if a giant mechanical shovel breaks down, then the haul trucks stay idle, the production facility shuts down, the haulage and logistics network stops running and the mining company loses millions of dollars per day.

This is when mining companies rely on highly skilled tradespeople to fix these problems – day and night. Not only that, the real issue is preventative maintenance schedules being adhered to in order to stop breakdowns occurring.

Tradespeople don’t just appear from nowhere, there is a long apprenticeship program that must be completed� in order to produce competent and capable people that are specifically trained to perform specialist tasks.

2015 mining apprenticeships

Mining apprenticeships are the backbone of the industry in terms of providing a skilled workforce of the future. It’s no secret that Australia has to lift its game in terms of creating a ‘home-grown’ workforce that is able to compete on a global level.

The lessons learned from recent years should be enough to make people sit up and take notice of the uproar that was created when miners like Gina Rinehart said she would import 1700 workers to build the Roy Hill iron ore mine in Western Australia.

In 2015, mining companies in Australia have a new focus on building a skilled workforce for the future. One of the proven methods of creating this skilled workforce is through apprenticeship schemes.

Mining apprenticeships are not just for school leavers, no . . . there are many mature age apprentices taking up the challenge of changing careers in search of more engaging, and financially rewarding, futures.

In fact, at iMINCO we receive a steady stream of emails from people who are looking for advice on how to find apprenticeships in the mining industry.

Read a couple of examples of real questions and answers on mining apprenticeships

Question: I am looking for some more places with current 2015 mining apprenticeships that are open for a HD mechanics role.

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What I did to give you a head start was to Google "list of companies that are employing 2015 apprentices Diesel Fitter"

and I found this: .. now that's a good start., plus you can also find some ideas here:

The results may not be perfect, but you can start to see which companies are looking at hiring apprentices.

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