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Roy Hill $1.47 Billion Contract Awarded

iMINCO Roy Hill $1.47 Billion Processing Plant Contract Awarded WA Pilbara iron ore miningIn another positive move towards the Roy Hill mine becoming a reality, Forge Group has won a AUD 1.47 billion agreement for work associated with the processing plant.

Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill iron ore mine near Newman, Western Australia is starting to take shape with expectations running high as more and more mining jobs are created.

The contract was awarded by Samsung C&T, who are the lead project manager for the mine. This new contract covers Phase 3 works for the processing facility.

Forge Group shares jumped dramatically after news of the 1.47 billion agreement was announced on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Forge Group is in a joint venture with Spain s Duro Felguera and the value of the contract attributable to Forge is about AUD 830 million.

Get up to speed with the Roy Hill iron ore mining project in the Pilbara, WA.

The following articles on Roy Hill will be useful for people looking for ways to develop a career in the mining industry in WA. It’s one thing to have skills and qualifications, however this is not always what will get you an interview; you must be knowledgeable about the industry and the mining company.

  • Roy Hill Iron Ore Mine Gets $800m
    The Roy Hill iron ore mine in the Pilbara, Gina Rinehart`s $10 billion gamble in the Pilbara has edged closer to final investment approval. The newest iron mine in Australia under development will create thousands of new mining jobs when construction is completed.
  • Roy Hill Mining Contract “´┐Ż Downer Gets $500M
    Is the Roy Hill iron ore project in the Pilbara a good place to look for mining jobs? We think so! Once again `super` mining contractor Downer EDI has won a 4 and a half year contract to supply mining services at the Roy Hill iron ore mine site.
  • NRW Secures $620m Roy Hill Rail Deal
    NRW has won a $620m contract to provide construction services for the completion of the mine-to-port rail line terminating at Port Hedland. The Roy Hill iron ore project featuring heavily in the news for the past 12 months is making serious inroads to becoming a major Pilbara iron ore producer.
  • WA Mining Jobs at Roy Hill
    WA Mining Jobs “´┐Ż Breaking News for Rinehart and Roy Hill Mine The ANZ bank has now approved $US1 billion ($1.09 billion AUS) to finance Gina Rinehart`s $10 billion Roy Hill iron ore project in WA. This in effect ensures more cashflow for the mining magnate and means more WA mining jobs.
  • Roy Hill Jobs in Mining
    Reports just in, indicate that Gina Rinehart`s Roy Hill Pilbara iron ore project is finally ready to get the green light after aligning up to $7 billion in funding. The Roy Hill project is estimated to be around $10 billion and´┐Ż has been stalled due to Japanese and Korean investment issues and guarantees.
  • Iron Ore Will Remain Strong
    A growing demand from China due to increases in steel demand´┐Żfor growing´┐Żinfrastructure, coupled with´┐Żproblems in their´┐Żdomestic supply, means a strong future for the world`s two biggest iron ore producers, Rio Tinto and Vale. At an investor briefing in Sydney, Rio chief Sam Walsh, said things were looking bright for iron ore.
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