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QLD coal mining jobs on target with Cougar

Mining jobs in brisbane

LNP and Labour Mine JobsPositive news for those seeking QLD coal mining jobs as Cougar receives further investment of significant proportions for it’s scoping study.

Cougar Energy announced this week it had new shareholders adding a significant investment to advance the company`s scoping study work for the Mackenzie PCI Coal Project in the Bowen Basin, QLD.

For people looking for QLD coal mining jobs, this means the project has shifted an enormous step closer towards moving forward with its drilling program on the Mackenzie mine site in the Bowen Basin.

Investors such as Feitelson Group and Alexander Jason Elks have both come on board as substantial shareholders as of the 1st of August the 1st 2013, attaining a 5.145% and 5.905% stake in the company respectively. Investment in the project is starting to heat up as investors realise the Mackenzie mine’s incredibly low volatile content makes it a very desirable product for global customers.

This project will create new QLD coal mining jobs

QLD coal mining jobs are expected to be advertised in the near future in and around the project as the resource has been estimated at more than 200 million tonnes and as the project is looking more and more like it`s on target for production by 2017 . Last week we covered Cougars movements as it completed its first phase of the exploration program recently, where it “exceeded expectations”; the study revealing the coal was of PCI quality and was a sizeable source.

Why is this important to you? Well as the project closes in on it’s studies and investors start getting on board, it is expected a swarm of QLD mining jobs will be on offer.

Cougar expects to complete the project’s scoping study over the next 4-6 weeks and is hopeful for quick movement by potential cornerstone investors based on the favourable results of recent studies. The resource and its premier location offers the company a wide range of options to advance the Mackenzie mine. With opportunities to supply PCI grade export coal to Jellinbah and Yarrabee directly and to many other high value companies in the region, it is expected there will be a high number of QLD coal mining jobs on offer across all facets of the project.

QLD coal mining jobs will be on offer with Cougar

With plans on track to start production at its 3 million mt/year at Mackenzie by 2017, coal mining jobs in the Bowen Basin will be on offer.

If your targeting QLD coal mining jobs right now then following the activities closely of large mining companies like Cougar discussed above keeps you ahead of the pack – meaning you can get your foot in the door before the hoards move in. The scale of opportunity within this project will be immense.

For those on the hunt right now for Queensland mining jobs, we recommend reading and researching the mining news and activities of mining companies that located in QLD.

Stay informed and spend time on the net looking for mining jobs; study resource and mining industry news and start to keep an eye out for substantial contract wins of major mining companies and follow their recent news reports. You can subscribe to our weekly project news, which covers a lot of major mining activity for you.

New starters looking to get into mining in Queensland need to be aware of these requirements.

What you need to really note is that right now Cougar is gaining momentum and securing injections from investors for its scoping project and is well on track for production in the near future. For people seeking QLD coal mining jobs there will be work on the Queensland coal fields as this is a prime example of how the coal industry is ramping up for a new era of productivity. This means they will be on the hunt for workers with the right mining certification who are willing to put in the hard yards and have the right focus for a career in mining.

Steps we suggest you follow when applying for coal mining jobs in QLD

  1. Complete a Mining Induction course (you will not be allowed on a mining site in Queensland without one). This invaluable 2-3 day course that focuses on OHS and educates you to everyday mining life, terminology, procedures, safety and compliance policies.
  2. You must have a current Coal Board Medical certificate.
  3. If you looking for machine operator jobs in the QLD mines you will also have to transfer your civil tickets to Black Coal Competencies.

Other steps we suggest (based on the success of others who have found QLD mining jobs) is having a mining focused resume prepared to give you a winning edge ahead of the hundreds of people applying – it really can help you land an interview. We have a stack of great info on how to write a good mining resume as well as some fantastic must-know interview tips, to help you through the interview process?

If your looking a Queensland mining jobs with Cougar Energy – go to the Coal Mining information to find out more details of their upcoming mining projects in the Bowen and Surat Basins of Queensland or head straight to their employment opportunities page here.

Reference: QLD Coal Mining Jobs on Target with Cougar


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