Project China Stone, 775 mining jobs in Queensland

Project China Stone Mega mine could create 775 mining jobs in QLD

Project China Stone coal mine QLD

In a recent article in the Fraser Coast Chronicle, it stated a new mine in the Galilee Basin has the potential to boost the Fraser Coast’s employment numbers. Project China Stone is expected to deliver a swathe of mining jobs to the region if the project gets off the ground.

Only a fraction smaller than Adani’s proposed Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project in the same area, Project China Stone is also in the early stages of environmental approvals.

At its peak, China Stone is expected to produce 55 million tonnes of coal every year.

775 mining jobs for the Wide Bay area, Queensland

In its Economic Impact Statement, China Stone committed to sourcing 25 percent of the workforce (775) from the Wide Bay.

Regional Development Australia Wide Bay Burnett executive officer Scott Rowe said the proposed mine would boost opportunities for our region.

“the resource sector is crucial to new employment opportunities,” he said

It is a mega mine – it’s a massive

“It is a mega mine – it’s a massive mine and only just smaller than what Adani is proposing for their Carmichael thermal coal mine.

“For MacMines to come out and nominate a figure – that would be the largest employer in the region if the coal mine does go ahead.”

Mr Rowe spent an hour last week speaking with environmental consultants about the mine.

He said the project was “in its infancy” going through approvals – and it would depend on other projects also being approved. “It’s fairly reliant on Adani’s Galilee Basin project,” he said.

“They would look to share some common infrastructure and rail to port capacity.

Employment opportunities are limitless

“If these mines are given approval then the employment opportunities for a region such as ours which is ready, willing and able, are limitless.”

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Mining training and skills building opportunities

This project is yet another fine example of the little known mining projects in Queensland that are silently creeping towards a date where they could become a reality. For workers who seek employment in the QLD coal mines, this is yet another perfect opportunity to get the right skills and training to take advantage of the next 3-5 years of critical coal mining development in the Queensland Galilee Basin.

There are many mining courses and qualifications that are available to everyone looking to be employed in the mines. iMINCO has a list of paid mining courses such as the Standard 11 and Dump Truck training course that can be undertaken, as well as information on how job-seekers can take advantage of the Australian government scheme that was set up to assist those workers who are eligible for training.

Download the Experts Guide To Entry Level Mining Jobs eBook

In some circumstances the cost of training may not be the responsibility of the student who is looking to develop new skills in the surface extraction industry. Mining courses that offer training and instruction on how to operate basics earth moving equipment are always a great place to start because operators of this type of equipment can be employed in the civil construction industry as well.

Project China Stone – facts

Just these small facts alone could give job-seekers the edge – knowledge and information is critical to successful job applications and interviews.

The�Project China Stone�involves the construction and operation of a large-scale coal mine on a greenfield site in Central Queensland at the northern end of the Galilee Basin.��The mine will produce up to 55 Million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) of Run of Mine (ROM) coal, which equates to approximately 38 Mtpa of thermal coal for the export market.��The mine life will be in the order of 50 years.�See more information on the Project China Stone mine.

The Chinese-owned company behind the proposal, MacMines Austasia, said the thermal coal project would create up to 3,900 jobs, during a two-year construction phase and up to 3,400 jobs once the mine is operational. See more information on the ABC website

The China Stone Coal Project is located toward the�northern end of the Galilee Basin, about 270km south of Townsville and 300km west of Mackay.

The China Stone project proponent is Macmines Austasia�(MacMines), an Australian subsidiary of the Meijin Energy Group, owned by Chinese billionaire Yao Junliang.

The project is estimated by the proponent to cost $6 billion and was initially scheduled to begin production in 2014 or 2015, but this date has been pushed back numerous times.� In October 2014 the company indicated that first production is now scheduled for 2018.

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