Western Australia iron ore mining jobs boom in 2017 predicted

Western Australia iron ore mining jobs boom in 2017 predicted

Iron ore mining jobs boom in 2017 – don’t miss it!

Billions of dollars of investment expected

Australia’s iron ore mining industry is set to boom in 2017, with many of the nations top iron ore producers predicted to sign off or start new mining projects in 2017.�The Australian newspaper has compiled some promising figures that show that more than $7 billion in new investments will start construction or be considered next year�that equates to�more than 135 million tonnes of production capacity which is a major boost to the industry.

Rio Tinto, BHP and Fortescue Metals set to invest in iron ore projects

One major mining project in the pipeline is the Rio Tinto Silvergrass development which is worth $453.7 million. BHP Billiton and Fortescue Metals Group will also be ramping up their investigations into bigger iron ore projects of their own.

Rio Tinto Silvergrass

Currently Rio Tinto has three development projects on the go “� the Silvergrass iron ore mine, the Amrun bauxite mine and the�Oyu Tolgoi underground copper mine. Both Silvergrass and Amrun are�being driven by the need for ore, with�Silvergrass being the main supplier for Rio’s sought after Pilbara Blend iron ore product.

Roy Hill iron ore mine

Another mine�with great job opportunity is Gina Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting’s Roy Hill project.�In the final stages of ramping up to its 55million tonne capacity, the company is�currently in the process of expanding their�workforce by up to 40%, which equates to another 500-600 people. (Find out more about Hancock Prospecting mining jobs here).

With the prices of iron ore continuing to trade for over USD$80 per tonne, which is more than double the trading prices one year ago, and many of Australia’s biggest mining companies planning new projects or ramping up current ones, the�industry is predicted to keep going from strength to strength, creating a new wave of mining jobs in Western Australia.

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