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Mining Jobs Queensland – Cook Colliery Xstrata

iMINCOUnderstanding where the coal mining jobs are in Queensland is not easy for a lot of people who want to get into mining.

With so many jobs boards, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to go about applying for a mine job.

In this new series of articles, each week iMINCO will focus on mining jobs in Queensland and highlight some of the best ways for mining job seekers to prepare for the jobs advertised on iMINCO and other mining jobs boards.

iMINCO is not a mining company, nor are we a mining and resource sector recruiter. Our focus is to help people to learn about mining job opportunities and how to prepare for a career in the industry.

Mining Jobs: advertised by CC Pty Ltd.

Cook Colliery is an underground coal mine in the Bowen Basin which is host to a significant resource of coking and thermal coal.

Where is Cook Colliery and who owns it?

Located in central Queensland`s Bowen Basin and is located 29 km south of Blackwater (195 km west of Rockhampton).

Cook Colliery produces hard coking, semi-soft and thermal coal products primarily for the export market.

The colliery`s operating company, Cook Resource Mining Pty Ltd (CRM), is owned by Xstrata (95%) and Tokyo Boeki (5%).

They need experienced Underground Operatorsspecificallywith Longwall experience that hold theassociated Black Coal Competencies.

Job Requirements

  • Experience as a longwall production operator in underground coal mining.
  • Proven safety record & the ability to work as part of a team
  • Demonstrated ability to follow safe work procedures and inspection procedures.
  • Ticketed Competencies for various underground coal mining equipment additional to the longwall requirements
  • Knowledge of obligations under the Coal Mining Safety & Health Act and Regulations.

Now we have the basics of this job and a little understanding of the company, location and who owns it – we can start to make a shortlist of key facts.

These facts will help build a clearer picture of what applicants should consider doing before applying for this job.

Mining jobs checklist

  • Always make sure you have the qualifications and experience the advertiser is asking for. In the case of this job, they are asking for underground operators with specific qualifications and experience on longwall machines.
  • You must be safety focused and a team-player. This is an indicator that on your resume you MUST make reference to your outlook on safety and list any courses you have completed related to safety. As a team player, you must demonstrate you have previously worked with teams and acknowledge the importance of working well and communicating effectively – this especially ties in with the safety and underground aspect of this job.
  • The job advert mentions the ‘Coal Mining Safety & Health Act and Regulations’, you most definitely MUST add these keywords to your resume. Adding keywords to your resume is critical, as most likely your cover letter and resume will be fed through ‘resume scanning and parsing software’, looking for keywords that the advertiser has mapped to the job criteria.
  • The advert also asks for applicants to send in Black Coal Competencies, codes and certification. This again is a clear indication that you must have this paperwork in order and you MUST send it in with your application. You’d be amazed at how many people ignore the basics; and this is something recruiters will penalise you for. They won’t chase you up, they may simply reject your application and favour someone who has provided the correct paperwork.
  • Don’t think recruiters will chase you up – they have far too many things to do. They want to hire people who meet the job criteria. They get paid by placing good people in jobs with their clients (the advertiser) – time wasters who can’t be bothered to provide the correct supporting documentation with their application are considered a risk; and therefore unsuitable as they cannot even follow simple instructions.
  • Do your research on Cook Colliery. Find out (as we did using Google), where the mine is located and who owns it. Google Maps and especially Google Earth will give you a birds-eye-view of the mine site. This is very useful as it gives an idea of the set up of the mine, shows you the size of the mining operation and most important of all, gives you vital information to start a conversation at your interview.
  • If you want a mining job, you must show initiative and gather as much information as you can about your future employer. Within 4 minutes we had discovered where the mine was, who owns it, how long it has been in operation, what quality of coal is mined there and who the real owner is (Xstrata Coal). An added bonus was discovering the mine is owned by an international mining company – opens up so many more opportunities for career advancement.
  • Another excellent way to discover detailed information about a mine and its operations is to actually go and visit it. Of course you won’t be allowed on-site, however, this is a great opportunity to see the mine site close up.
  • Now we know Cook Colliery is owned by Xstrata Coal, their website also advertised a large volume of mining jobs.GlencoreXstrata have plenty of mining jobs in location all over Australia, with careers from mine workers to Superintendents.
  • Sign up for GlencoreXstrata job alerts to keep up to date with the current job opportunities in the mines. Be on the lookout for jobs that fit your skills and requirements.
  • Google the name of the mine and add the term ‘mining jobs’ next to it. Or search for ‘Xstrata mining jobs queensland’. This is another simple way of doing a little bit of your own mining for jobs. The internet is a great place to search for jobs in the mines – you just have to understand how to harness its power.
  • GlencoreXstrata are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, be sure to follow their announcements and frequent reports. You will find clues as to their mining operations and more importantly how they are trading and performing as a company. Before you decide to jump head first into a job in the mines, it’s good practice to see if there are any issues that may affect a long-term mining career with the company.

Keep in mind, every job advertised will have different requirements that need to be met.

Use the example above as an indication of where to start researching the company advertising the mining jobs.

The more knowledge you collate about the job, the location, the company and future opportunities – the greater your employment chances.

Mining jobs don’t come easy – you have to work hard and compete with many others vying for the same position. Be persistent, thorough and don’t give up on landing your dream job in the mines.

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