Kalgoorlie super pit ready for expansion program

Kalgoorlie super pit set to unveil a big mining secret

Kalgoorlie ‘Superpit’ hides new gold mining secret

Mining fever in Kalgoorlie has been around for some time, with fortunes being made and lost along the way. One of the biggest holes in the ground, sitting on the lip of the bustling mining town of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, is called the Kalgoorlie super pit. This thriving mining town has played host to all manner of exploration and mining projects over the years – and by all accounts, it’s about to get even hotter in the west.

“extraordinary drilling results”

Kalgoorlie`s famous Super Pit goldmine owners, who consist of an international array of companies, have told investors in the United States about some extraordinary drilling results that has everyone on tenterhooks. So secretive is this new find, that it’s a case of ‘mushroom factory’ for the entire population of the mining town.

Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines is owned by Barrick Gold and Newmont Mining who are the mining companies who own the ‘Superpit’. They�have refused to reveal the exploration findings and are keeping even tigher-lipped about what’s happening next.

“a new wave of long-term prosperity”

This being the case, and considering the secrecy around the discovery, we can only assume the new Kalgoorlie super pit drilling results will be a game-changer for the gold mine, which could result in a new wave of long-term prosperity for the region.

There has been a lot of speculation in Kalgoorlie as to the next development phase of the mine. For a long time the locals and mine workers of Kalgoorlie have twigged that the ultimate outcome for Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines is to merge its underground mining operations close to Williamstown with Super Pit, which sits right next door.

“an even bigger pit, a so-called ‘Mega-pit'”

This amalgamation of the two mining operations would create an even bigger pit, a so-called ‘Mega-pit’.

New high-grade deposits

The reason there is so much secrecy, layered on top of a nervous wave of excitement and speculation, is the fact that there could be new high-grade deposits just waiting to be mined. With high ore grades and investment capital waiting in the wings, mining jobs in WA could be on the rise again.

Local residents have been angered by Barrick Gold’s refusal to reveal the drill results because in the US, the mining company revealed this to its investors. A gold strike of this magnitude has the potential to impact the surrounding towns and the region of Boulder-Kalgoorlie. Developing a new pit in close proximity to residential areas has locals concerned about the future of their towns.

What can we take away from this news?

In an age where Australian mining has literally transformed itself in a matter of years on the back of the Asia-led commodities demand boom, the ramifications of the flip-side of the ‘boom’ are echoing throughout the country. We’ve all heard news stories of reductions in the labour force, of mining companies shutting up shop and of a slowdown in mining investment. The effects of this can be catastrophic to the everyday Australian worker who relies on the mining industry to provide a stable future.

A new level of optimism in the industry

Just as a magnet has two poles, so does the mining industry. One day there can be negative news and the next, there are positive stories that go a long way to create a new level of optimism in the industry. Nothing is set in stone, things can change at any time.

For instance, the WA iron ore boom was created by the insatiable demand from China to hurriedly develop its infrastructure. Mining companies in Australia were caught ‘on the hop’ and it was a case of getting as many people into the mines as possible to keep production on track.

“this industry is unpredictable and anything can happen”

Those heady days were remarkable, where ordinary Australian’s could swap their waiters’ apron for a high-vis shirt and in turn have pockets overflowing with cash. I think we can all agree, for the most part, those days have faded away into a distant memory. However, given the news from Kalgoorlie, it once again indicates that this industry is unpredictable and anything can happen.

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