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Indian Mining Giant Adani Addresses Coal Industry Conference this WeekiMINCOMonday`s coal industry conference saw Australian mining giant Adani Group discussing their future plans for Australia`s thermal coal mines.

Its particular focus on its highly anticipated Carmicheal coal mine and Rail Project in the north Galilee Basin in Central Queensland.

Adani Group to date has made a significant investment in Australia with its investment of the Greenfield Carmichael Coal Mine in the Galilee Basin in central QLD, and $3 billion purchase of the Port of Abbot Point near Bowen in North Queensland.

“Adani has pledged to invest around $13 billion in Australia”

The company`s expansion plans include the Carmichael�Mine and Rail Project that will produce up to 60 million tonnes per annum. The Carmichael mine is expected to operate for 90 years and provide hundreds of QLD mining jobs for years to come. Adani has pledged to invest around $13 billion in Australia to develop its port, rail and mine assets focused on Queensland’s Galilee coal field. (For those seeking QLD mining jobs “� this is a project to follow very closely).

“Adani expects that approval will occur after the Australian election in September”

Captain Sandeep Mehta, CEO of the ports division of India-based logistics and coal trading company of the Adani Group spoke on Monday at the coal industry conference in Brisbane and explained that Adani had been waiting for over a year for the Australian government`s approval to dredge a new capacity terminal for coal exports; expected to produce 70 million tonnes per year. Mehta also stated that Adani expects that approval will occur after the Australian election in September.

The Adani Group plans to start production at its Carmichael coal mine as soon as possible, with plans to start exporting thermal coal as soon as 2016. It`s expected initial production rate target is 15 million tonnes per year and hopes to increase production quickly to 60 million tonnes within a few years.

The Adani Group is India`s largest importer of seaborne-traded thermal coal, which accounted for half of the 80 million tonnes of product shipped to the country in 2012.

“Adani is counting on the Australian Government`s continued support”

Adani is counting on the Australian Government`s continued support for the development of Carmichael Coal mine and Rail Project in the Galilee Basin.

A new proposed rail project will help to solve the current lack of infrastructure and capacity to transport coal from the Galilee Basin. According to Adani, the railway proposal consists of 300km of standard gauge line with an operational capacity to transport 100 million tonnes per annum of coal and connect the Galilee Basin with ease directly to the Port of Abbot Point.

Adani Groups Carmichael Mine and Rail project is already delivering benefits across the State by way of mining jobs and supporting local businesses and with approval it is expected the project will deliver many further benefits to the local, state and national economies and Queensland mining jobs for the future.

Reference: Adani Mining | Queensland Galilee Basin Coal Mining Project

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