Roy Hill mine begins iron ore mining

Roy Hill iron ore mine starts production

Iron ore mining commences at Roy Hill mine in Western Australia

Roy Hill is famous for�two things – iron ore mining and Gina Rinehart. The mining magnate’s Western Australian $10 billion iron ore mine has entered a new phase. With construction infrastructure being completed, there are signs that iron ore mining is commencing with the first owner/operator mining taking place.

A statement released by the media magnet and Hancock Prospecting Chairman, Ms Gina Rinehart, said the Pilbara iron ore mine had reached another milestone in its history.

Quick to dispel any negative comments on the viability and timing of the Roy Hill mine development, Ms Rinehart said the Roy Hill will employ thousands of Australians for decades to come. Additionally, the mine will earn Australia millions in export revenue.

The Roy Hill mine is considered the largest single mainland construction project in Australian history. (Let’s see if Adani’s Carmichael mine project in Queensland will some day beat Roy Hill and claim the largest project crown).

Roy Hill iron ore mine, haul truck loading iron ore

Korean investors impressed by Roy Hill mine progress

Onlyrecently the CEO of South-Korea`s engineering giant POSCO visited the mine site and was very happy with the progress Hancock Prospecting had made during the construction phase. He made particular note of the quality of work and speed of the project.

He later went on to say that Roy Hill was looked upon as his company`s most important international asset.

These are strong words of praise because at some stage during the end of 2014 and into 2015, POSCO will be commencing construction of the Adani Carmichael rail link which is also one of the biggest mining/rail projects the world has seen to date.

First production of iron ore is scheduled for one year’s time, around September 2015. Gina Rinehart described morale at the mine as ‘high’, with everyone working together to bring the project together in record time.

Read the official Roy Hill press release. (It’s got some neat photos of mine machinery and views of the mine itself).

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