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Fortescue Metals – WA Jobs Tips

iMINCO Fortescue Metals - WA Jobs TipsFortescue Metals Group, who have massive iron ore mining operations in the WA Pilbara region have once again given us an insight into their iron ore operations.

This video shows how innovative Fortescue Metals are in developing an efficient mining operation – as well as giving us all some new insights into their mine sites.

More often than not we think of mining in the Pilbara as great open areas of brown dirt, gigantic holes in the earth where all manner of mining machines are frantically digging dirt out of the ground and transporting it to the ship loading facilities via railway and road networks.

As we can see from this video, the use of technology is once again allowing mining companies like Fortescue Metals to take advantage of the opportunity to develop new ways of increasing the efficiency of their mining operations. An efficient mining operation is the top priority for every mining company in Australia.

Fortescue Metals rolls out Google Earth

Mining giant Fortescue Metals has rolled out Google Earth to help create and relay three-dimensional maps of its Pilbara mining operations to staff and external consultants.

The customised version of Google Earth has been used by 300 employees at the Fortescue since June 2013 to identify and categorise plants and animals, as well as manoeuvre around its commitments to maintaining the heritage of the site on� more than 85,000 square kilometres of tenement.

The company overlays information it collects using aerial data and other satellite images, along with ground surveys to develop and visualise a detailed map of its iron ore mining operations and future developments.

This process allows head office staff and managers to monitor the construction progress on Fortescue`s newer mine sites, with the option to extend the capabilities to allow on-site viewing of the maps on ipads, tablets and hand held devices.

Fortescue Metals went on to say that the great thing about using consumer technology is that the strike rate we`re getting with people`s awareness has gone up dramatically. People are realising we do have boundaries, and that Fortescue needs to monitor where the heritage sites are. Before the interactive Google maps they weren`t getting as much awareness.

Technology & Mining Jobs – how to get the upper hand

Innovations in mining technology and the use of third party software such as Google Earth allows a new perspective of Fortescue Metal’s mining operations in the Pilbara. For people who are curious about how mining is carried out in the remote areas of Western Australia, this new technology offers some incredible insights.

Using aerial view technology allows a wide angle view of mining operations on any mine site in Australia – not only that, there is the ability to gain a perspective view of a mine using advanced keyboard controls (see images below).


How Google can help you get WA job in the mines?

Despite the fierce competition for mining jobs in WA, learning about the various mining companies operating in WA is one of the first steps to building an expansive portfolio of mining knowledge.

Many people who apply for jobs in the mines in WA, simply apply for the job without doing any research on the mining company, let alone take the time to use technologies like Google Earth – or even Google to find out what they can about the mining operations.

Using Google Earth it’s easy to zoom in on a mine site and start to understand how the mine is set up, where the various activities occur, like crushing, washing, stockpiling and conveyor systems.

For dump truck drivers and machinery operators it offers a glimpse into the haul road network and excavation areas, which can be a talking point during any interview.

A Fortescue Metals job interview scenario

Imagine when a person is called in for an interview with Fortescue Metals Group; and they have never been out to one of their mines before. During the interview, the applicant talks about the mine layout and pulls out printed aerial shots of the mine. The next topic of conversation could be centred around mine safety and identifying possible hazards at the mine.

Considering mining companies are safety focused, it’s always a good idea to mention this at an interview.

Do you think the interviewer would be impressed at the level of research the applicant went to – we think so. You see, mining companies want to employ people who can think on their own two feet, who show initiative and forward thinking.

Going to this level of research and for an applicant to have a high level knowledge of an mine site layout is a massive green tick on the applicant’s score card.

The takeaway from this is, when applying for any mining job and not just WA jobs with Fortescue Metals Group, is to research the mining company.

Use internet technology to gain deep insight into the activities of the mining company through creative use of Google and other search and visual tools. When you think like this, you’ll be way ahead of everyone else who is still relying on old technology and old thinking.


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