Aurizon's Queensland coal rail network expansion

Aurizon’s expands QLD coal rail network

$180 million for new trains - that’s a lot of heavy rolling stock for Queensland

Aurizon’s Queensland coal rail network set to expand

Aurizon, Australia`s largest rail freight operator reported a A$180 million investment to purcahse 40 new high-tech track machines and wagons specialised for increasing the export capacity from Queensland`s coal industry.

The managing director and chief executive of Aurizon, Lance Hockridge, showed off a new track machine, weighing in at a whopping 193 tonnes.

2,670 kilometre network servicing 25,000 trains

“The equipment has been designed to help maintain rail sleepers and the rock ballast along the 2,670 kilometre network, which services over 25,000 trains per year”, he said.

Track construction and maintenance, like Aurizon, has been transformed in recent times. We are now more productive, more innovative, using world leading technology and most importantly we are safer,” Hockridge announced.

“These massive machines operate on the $5 billion asset which is the Central Queensland Coal Network, the supply chain that links more than 40 coal mines with the coal terminal loading ports in the state.”

214 million tonnes is a coal record

The Central Queensland Coal Network carried a record level of coal, approximately 214 million tonnes; Hockridge said that the investment is necessary to boost carrying capacity even further, whilst maintaining safety and reliability across the network.

Ultimately the arrival of these new machines mean we will be able to do more quality work in far less time, something that is critical as we continue to transform,” he said.

Aurizon decided to name and decorate the new equipment in line with indigenous culture to recognise the traditional land that the coal network operates on.

We wonder if Aurizon plan to give some of their jobs to local indigenous people?

Aurizon’s Queensland coal rail network expansion:


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