Fortescue Metals Andrew Forrest in new exploration venture

Fortescue Metals Andrew Forrest in new exploration venture

Copper, gold and nickel feature in Andrew Forrest’s new Australian mining venture

The head of Pilbara based iron ore mining group Fortescue Metals, has embarked on a new initiative to collect abandoned and under-developed mineral projects in Australia.

“how to manage the next phase of mining in Australia”

Andrew Forrest has come out saying that owing to a new era in mining which has evolved over the last few years, the time is right to think about where and how to manage the next phase of mining in Australia. Mr.Forrest’s approach is to develop this new venture with old mates who collaborated with him when Fortescue Metals Group was just a fledgling business.

Although the crew behind this new venture would include a few of the original Fortescue Metals Group team, this new venture would not interfere with Fortescue`s current operations now and� into the future.

Looking to create world-leading mining operations

In a statement, Forrest said: “We are looking to create world-leading mining operations from areas and geology previously thought unable to support investment. Our willingness to support new technology, innovation and leadership unlocks great potential in abandoned or unexplored greenfield tenements.”�

“The mining cycle appears to be reaching a generational low ebb with a depressed commodity market and cheap capital available. We are taking a counter-cyclical and long-term view with the aim of creating jobs across the country.”�

Copper, gold or nickel are the minerals Forrest is reportedly going after in this new venture.

Still plenty of jobs going in the mining and resource sector

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