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Adani jobs for Carmichael mine – the fight is on

Government declares war on green groups labeled as Adani mining ‘job killers’

Adani mining are being subjected to a barrage of thousands of email-generated protests from green groups who are using the latest online digital email systems to choke the head office email network and fake the volume of real submissions.

It’s understood the Adani`s Carmichael project alone has received over 14,000 submissions that were received during the initial EIS process way back in 2013. An investigation revealed that only about 200 of them were not generated by a form on a website.

All of this activity comes as the Australian mining industry launched a national advertising campaign blatantly accusing green groups of being “job killers” while the federal government has vowed a “war on jobs” to stop environmental stalling tactics through the court system.

There are a couple of good recordings on the ABC website and an article called “the [Australian] mining industry fighting back”. Hear Chief Executive of the Queensland Resources Council Michael Roche talk about how green groups are sabotaging the development of other mines in the Galilee Basin.

The Mayor of Townsville Jenny Hill has also commented about the development of the mine. Saying Townsville has suffered massively over the last couple of years and they have a high unemployment rate which is creating all sorts of additional issues for the city.

Townsville Mayor – whatever it takes to ignite employment opportunities, I’ll do it!

She welcomes any activity by Adani and other mining companies who are looking to develop mines close to her city. Townsville needs jobs and is prepared to do whatever it takes to ignite employment opportunities and fuel the way for a jobs firestorm.

Listen to the radio interviews in the Carmichael mine development.


Queenslanders want Adani jobs for Carmichael mine

Adani jobs for Carmichael mine have been the topic of conversation for a few years now. High hopes of continuing employment and a new wave of prosperity for Queenslanders has driven great debate about the project. Riding a tidal wave of conflicting stories about the future of the Carmichael mine has many in the industry totally confused about the future. Millions of dollars of contracts have been handed out and preliminary work carried out at the proposed mine site, although last month Adani gave the order to stop all work because of the decision of the federal court to overturn the mine’s approval.

Adani has always maintained its Galilee Basin located Carmichael mega-mine would create some 4000 jobs in the construction phase and 1400 full time mining jobs during the operation phase. Construction had been anticipating to start in September but the Mackay Conservation Group out a stop to that.

The result of that action was a federal court decision to overturn the development approval because of a skink and a snake. These indigenous creatures had been overlooked in the report which was supposedly an oversight by the Queensland Resource Council head Michael Roche.

At this time, steps are were being taken to make sure all contingencies were being addressed. This small issue allowed the green groups to begin their campaign of blocking the development and also the development of other coal mines in the basin.

Head of Queensland Resources Council, Michael Roche said Queensland`s international reputation as a progressive mining state was suffering and potential investors were becoming more and more aware that to start a mine would require a five-year struggle for approval.

Head of Indian-based Adani Corporation Gautam Adani said: “the company stands ready to proceed with its significant investments in Queensland, plainly, what is required is certainty and clarity on a now five- year long approvals pathway”.

Queensland and federal government line up to aid Adani mega-mine development

Nine News today ran a story on how the federal and Queensland governments are doing everything in their power to ensure Adani’s $16.5 billion Carmichael coal mine goes ahead.

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey said he discussed the Carmichael project with Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt on Friday, focusing on the massive rail link that will transport the thermal coal from the central Queensland mine to the Abbot Point coal loading terminal, north of Bowen.

“One of the things they are looking at is how we can ensure that the railway line remains financially viable. I can’t give away too many details, but we are working away at that,” Mr Hockey told ABC radio.

The Carmichael project when completed (subject to approval) – will be the biggest coal mine in Australia.

Mr Hockey says the project and the mining jobs it will create are important for the nation.

Joe Hockey doing everything he can to get Adani Carmichael mine open for business

We are doing everything we can to help to get the Adani Carmichael mine open,” he said.

“We are working together to see what we can do to further encourage Adani to continue with the mining process.”

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