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Adani Carmichael mine update – Australian steel firm contracted to provide steel for 400km railway

adani carmichael coal mine galilee basin map - showing rail link and mine development areas queensland

ADANI Carmichael mine on track as steel supplier receives contract for infrastructure development

In another boost to Australia business development, a local supplier has been awarded the contract to supply steel railway components to build the massive 400 kilometre rail link between Abbot Point and the Adani Carmichael coal mine in the Queensland Galilee Basin.

800 kilometres of rail steel contact awarded

ADANI announced it will source the entire rail steel – about 800km weighing 56,000tonnes – from Arrium Steel in South Australia.

Resource Industry Network director Mick Crowe said as well as being a worthwhile investment for the Australian industry as a whole, the deal would benefit the Mackay region and other regional towns.

“It’s amazing, you’ve got a foreign investment coming along not only trying to create jobs in our region and long-term operations but they’re also supporting the broad industrial base of Australia through electing to get rail through a company that’s struggling,� Mr Crowe said.

$70million contract

The $70million contract� is a welcome boost for the steel company that has bee struggling to compete in a mining environment that has been struggling for a few years.

“As a regional community, getting that railway line built is the fundamental piece for the project but it makes investment decisions so much easier for development in that region and getting high quality coal.

“Normally companies will say they reserve the right to get the lowest price possible deal and usually you see foreign companies investing where they’re from, so I think it’s fantastic and we should encourage it more.

“If every investor in Australia took the same approach we’d be in great shape.�

Mr Pearson said the decision highlighted the wider economic benefits that would flow from opening up Queensland’s Galilee coal basin.

“It demonstrates that in addition to the new exports and jobs directly created by the Carmichael project, there will be substantial indirect benefits for employees, businesses and communities all around Australia,� he said.

Carmichael mine benefit local commuities

Jobs supported by mining and mining services linked to the Adani Carmichael mine are not limited to the mine site; rather benefit hundreds of suppliers, businesses and communities around Australia. The benefits will be seen in sectors ranging from transport and manufacturing operators to business services providers and of course technology.