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Adani Carmichael mine gets environmental authority

One more step closer to Adani developming the Carmichael mine

Queensland Pollies in favour of Adani mining lease

Queensland-based federal Coalition MPs were also calling on the Queensland Government to issue a mining lease for the Carmichael Mine now that an environmental authority has been issued. The recent approval includes 140 environmental conditions covering a wide range of potential effects of the development and operation of the Galilee Basin mine proposal.

The party made it quite clear, voicing their opinions that no further delays should hinder the issuance of a mining lease for the Carmichael mine now that the environmental authority has been granted.

It’s been a long 5 years of approval processes and continual court challenges by all manner of antagonists, now it is the Queensland Government who is under the spotlight to grant this mining lease. Thousands of mining jobs are in the pipeline when this project eventually gets off the ground. Despite the rumours of over-inflated employment figures by Adani, there is no getting over the fact that Queensland needs this project to go ahead.

It would be a jobs bonanza for the state which has been reeling from the job losses in the mines created by the downturn in the price of thermal coal.

According to official sources, there is no legal impediment standing in the way of the Queensland Government from here on in – it is just a formality. THE Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) said it had vigorously assessed the environmental authority application and acted on recommendations made by the Land Court.

The�Coalition MPs congratulated the Queensland Government for issuing this environmental authority. Now it is time for Queensland Mines Minister Anthony Lynham to step up and issue the Carmichael coal mine mining lease; creating an avalanche of thousands of jobs in regional Queensland.

QUEENSLAND Treasurer promises to aid Adani get mining lease

QUEENSLAND Treasurer Curtis Pitt has pledged to help the Adani get a mining licence for its Carmichael coal mine, but said there were still some hoops to jump through.

Conservative politicians including George Christensen, Michelle Landry and Senator Matt Canavan called on the Queensland Labor Government to approve the mining licence.

The general feeling in parliament is that the Adani Carmichael mining licence must be approved to stimulate new mining jobs in central Queensland.

The federal politicians said the “jobs crisis” facing central Queensland was now a real concern and the Carmichael mine licence approval was pivotal to the region’s recovery in the mining jobs market.

Mr Christensen welcomed the environmental approval, although he said it was time for the state government to “follow through” with the mining licence.

There are about 140 conditions attached to the approval, including nine conditions relating to the endangered black-throated finch, which environmentalists had argued would be significantly affected by the mine’s construction

“Like everyone, I’m hoping to see the potential job creation that the Adani Carmichael mine will bring.”

A spokesman for Adani said that while the environmental approval was “a welcome development”, it was “critical the state government works actively with us and ensures no further delays” to other approvals.

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