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4WD Training

Working in the mining and resource sector often requires visiting and working in remote areas where access is only possible by going off-road. Completing a 4WD training course can save your life, as well as the lives of others. The aim of 4WD training is to improve your skills and knowledge to safely operate a four-wheel-drive vehicle in a variety of hazardous situations and conditions.

Mining and resource companies take the safety of their personnel very seriously and it’s high on their agenda to minimise collisions, lower vehicle running costs and provide a safe working environment at all times. Having completed your 4WD training and having it featured on your resume could make a big difference to your mining and resource sector job application or career.

The 4WD training is nationally accredited and you have the option of completing one or both of the units of competencies.

RIIVEH201B “� Operate a Light Vehicle (4WD)
RIIVEH305A “� Operate & maintain a 4WD vehicle

Completing this 4WD training will show your future employer that you’ve invested your time and money in a nationally recognised 4WD training course, which ensures you are competent and knowledgeable in operating a vehicle in a range of challenging off-road driving conditions.

4WD training -  4WD training course with iMINCO

4WD training locations

The 4WD training is held just west of Brisbane, QLD. Once you`ve booked your 4WD training spot, we will contact you to confirm your booking, select a suitable 4WD training date and location that suits your availability.

Our four-wheel-drive trainers have real-world experience in the mining, oil and gas industries – meaning they are excellent trainers who will prepare you for what to expect when driving in all types of terrain and off-road-situations, day or night. This is a highly practical, hands-on 4WD training. After completing the 4WD training, you will be able to apply your new driving knowledge and show your current or future employer you possess real four-wheel-driving skills – which could make a big difference to your career prospects.

4WD training - four-wheel-drive course locations

Why you should do your 4WD training with us

Choosing the right 4WD training is important, your future in the mining and resource industry could depend on it. We partner with the Australia-wide training network of Industry Pathways to deliver the highest quality 4WD training in Australia. After completing the 4WD training, you’ll have instant access to the Industry Pathways Post Training Job Support network which increases your opportunity of gaining employment and/or improving your employment opportunities and job prospects.

You’ll also have access to our job network of mining and resource companies/agencies who are continually looking for highly trained, resource-ready people to work in the mining and resource industry. In most cases, you simply send us your resume, we’ll add it to our database and you’ll be notified when new jobs are posted. More information on the 4WD Course here…

4WD Training - Post Training Job Support for all students completing their 4WD training

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Upon successful completion of the 4WD training course students are awarded a nationally recognised VET “Statement of Attainment” for the units completed.

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