10 million tonne Gunnedah NSW coal mine project update

10 million tonne Gunnedah NSW coal mine project update

600 mine jobs if NSW coal mine is approved in 2015

The NSW coal mining industry is waiting for yet another coal mine to be assessed beforebeing given final approval to proceed. The Shenhua Watermark Coal project has been ongoing for some time, although the outcome of development application should be known in January 2015.

The NSW Planning Assessment Commission meets in Gunnedah this week to listen to final submissions on the future of the Shenhua Watermark Coal project.

600 NSW coal mine jobs

The massive open-cut NSW coal mine project, which is situated 25 km south-east of Gunnedah, will create over 600 NSW mine jobs and when in full production it is estimated it will produce somewhere in the region of 10 million tonnes of coal per year.

TheShenhua Watermark Coal project has come under fire for a long time, mostly driven by the local farmers in the area who are naturally concerned about how much the coal mine development will impact on the local water table as well as the local environment.

Back in September 2014, the coal project was subjected to more tests being carried out; focusing on the mine’s water modelling and rehabilitation design which was not satisfactory at the time.

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Mining developments such as the Shenhua Watermark Coal project will provide much-needed jobs for workers in the local communities surrounding the mine – if it is given the go-ahead to proceed.

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