Whitehaven Maules Creek mining jobs boost for NSW

Whitehaven Maules Creek mining jobs boost for NSW

More NSW mining jobs – Whitehaven’s Maules Creek ramps up

Despitea periodof turmoil, Whitehaven Coal have started to settle into a new era of operations and increased stability. Their new Gunnedah Basin Maules Creek mine in North Western NSW has started to see progress. This week representatives from the NSW Mineral Council visited the mine site, to see first-hand exactly how the operation is progressing.

The NSW coal mining project will bring more mining jobs for the local community and this has been very well received by residents and business people alike.

New coal mine is about 70% completed

The Maules Creek coal mine is about 70% completed and by all accounts, the financial management processes have been hitting their allocated budgets. As the mine progresses, a target of early 2015 has been set to start full production.

The Maules Creek coal mining project has been well received by the local community, owing to the significant financial, as well as employment, benefits. There are many mining jobs that have already been created with more employment opportunities at Maules Creek still to come.

Although the majority of the community are happy about Maules Creek, there are some people who are still adamant the project should not begin. Protesters have been plaguing the mine site for months and months and still continue to do so despite the current mining operations.

Whitehaven’s management have hit out at the protesters stating they are now starting to disrupt the lives of those people who have a job at the mine site. These are professional protesters who are working against the Maules Creek mine and have actually trespassed by being on site illegally with the sole objectiveof disrupting the work and are endangering the safety of Whitehaven employees.

Coal outlook is looking good

Despite the global slide of coal prices there are alwaystwo sides toany story. It seems Whitehaven’s Coal chairman Mark Vaile is upbeat about the future global demand for coal, as he sees demand continuing to rise at a steady pace. Mr Vaile also said that in his opinion he can see commodity prices recovering over the medium term as more and more demandaffects the market.

“coal exports are estimated to rise to 437 million tonnes”

Australian coal exports are estimated to grow to around 437 million tonnes by 2019, which is up from 336 million tonnes in 2013. Mr Vaile also went on to say “coal prices are forecast to have recovered significantly from present levels over this period.

A member of the NSW Minerals Council, Whitehaven Coal said the future is looking strong, with predictions that within a few years Whitehavenwill become one of Australia`s biggest, low-cost coal mining companies, producing a high-quality coal product for the export market.

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