WA Mining Jobs

WA Mining Jobs

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In the South West of WA there is a shortage of skilled mine workers. Last week the Australian Mine and Metals Association held a meeting in Bunbury revealed there was a major concern about filling mining job vacancies in the region. A lack of qualified and skilled tradespeople is hitting the mining industry at a local level.

There is evidence however of increasing jobs inquiries from the eastern States and people looking to head West ought to consider the mining job opportunities in WA.

The South West climate is a lot different to the North West areas like the Pilbara, which is a major consideration when attracting more people to the region.

Projects in the Pilbara were struggling to fill positions even on fly-in fly-out rosters operations. In the South West of WA mining jobs seem far more attractive owing to the lifestyle, family and accommodation issues faced in the NW.

The AMMA also used the forum to push its promotion of mining jobs for women as there were increased opportunities in the South West for women in resources projects and a lot of interest in increasing women`s participation in the sector from employers who attended the meeting.

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