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WA mining jobs – Independence Group gold mining looking strong in 2015

Gold and nickel miner Independence Group smashes production targets at its WA mines

One of the biggest questions people ask iMINCO is “where are the mining jobs?” or “how do I get a mining job?“.

With the ebb and flow of the commodities market dictating which mining projects remain in production and which ones close the gates, the unpredictability factor is still high.

“WA mining jobs in gold”

So with this in mind, how do you find mining jobs in Australia, especially WA mining jobs in gold.

The price of gold per ounce has dropped dramatically over the last year from around $US1700 to $US1250. This caused Australian gold mining companies to trim back exploration and production, resulting in a thinning of the workforce.

Despite the downturn in gold prices last year, in 2015 things are looking up and gold is once again starting to go north.

Independence Group – three WA mining projects

With this comes some good news out of Western Australia as gold and nickel miner Independence Group, which operates three mining projects in WA, is on target for a big year in 2015; beating nominated production figures at every mine.

“smashed its production expectations”

Independence Group (IGO) announced its Tropicana, Long and Jaguar mines had smashed production expectations for the three months ending 31 December.

The group said it refined 137,544 ounces of gold at its Tropicana joint venture and 2,578 tonnes of nickel at its Long project, both ahead of guidance. At its Jaguar project, the mining company extracted 2,389 tonnes of copper and 13,360 tonnes of zinc.

Peter Bradford, the managing director of Independence said he was especially pleased that their WA mining operations are ahead of guidance for the half year on a pro-rata basis. The other positive news for the progressive Australian mining company is that it now has around $93 million in the bank at the end of the quarter.

Do you want WA mining jobs with Independence Group?

Start researching Independence Group

  • Find out about who runs the company and how they’re trading.
    http://markets.theaustralian.com.au/shares/IGO/independence-group-nl .
  • Read as much as you can on the Australian Stock Exchange about Independence.
  • Go to their website here: www.igo.com.au  to find out more about the mining projects, jobs and opportunities.
  • Read in-depth about the company on the ASX here: www.asx.com.au/asx/research/company.do#!/IGO
    The ASX is a great place to learn about the company by reading annual reports, market releases and financial information.
    Independence Group’s share price has risen suggesting a strong management team and a focussed and results-driven employer
  • Recently the mining company discovered a significant nickel deposit at a depth of just over a kilometre, indicating further drilling would be required. Again, this is another perfect opportunity to conduct further research if you are looking for drilling jobs in WA.

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