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WA mining company lifts lithium exploration activity

Cobre Montana NL announces long-term processing license agreement for lithium prospecting in WA

WA mining operations have been in the news more frequently because of the price drop in iron ore, which has naturally affected the jobs market.

Relying on a global demand is one of the issues with mining, because it may be relatively easyto get the minerals out of the ground, but at the end of the day, someone has to be prepared to pay a good price for it.

Not all of the mining news from Western Australia is tainted with issues of cut-backs and production challenges. In fact, WA mining company Rio Tinto, along with Fortescue and BHPis achieving massive production targets for iron ore production and shipments.

Western Australia has been a mining hotspot for some hundred-odd years and more. Owing to the sheer size of the land mass, WA still has many miningdiscoveries just waiting to be uncovered.

Mining exploration in WA continues to this day and recently Australian mining exploration firm, Cobre Montana NL announced a new long-term processing license agreement for lithium prospecting.

Global demand for lithium products is increasing and the WA mining company hopes to capitalise on this and it’s worth noting that Western Australia already supplies around 30 percent of total annual lithium product.

The mining exploration agreements will combine Cobre`s mica-based lithium projects with a unique processing technology which is able to extract lithium from the sheet-like mica.

What is Mica?

Mica is an effective electrical and thermal insulator and is a rich source of lithium, which is used in heavy-duty batteries as well as applications such as heat-resistant glass and ceramics, and high strength-to-weight alloys.

Perth-based technology provider, Strategic Metallurgy P/L have developed and perfected the system. The deal has options which will allow it to continue for about 26 years. This long-term licence will position Cobre Montana as a potential future lithium supplier into expanding global markets.

As part of the agreement, Cobre will get exclusive rights to the technology, as well as have the option to license the technology in two further mine sites, either elsewhere in Australiaor overseas.

The managing director of Cobre Montana, Adrian Griffin, said that this deal represented a “step change” for the company.

“The licencing deal follows our recent success in delivering proof-of-concept lithium carbonate production from micas, using the Strategic Metallurgy technology”.

Finding mining jobs in Western Australia

Despite what you may hear, there are still mining job opportunities in WA. Yes, the industry has plateaued in terms of massive jobs growth, however the Cobre agreement is once again an indication of how smaller mining and exploration companies are quietly achieving growth and creating jobs along the way.

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