2 NSW mining projects could go ahead - Coalpac

Two NSW mining projects could go ahead

Coalpac could go ahead with two coal mine extensions in the NSW Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains west of Sydney has always been a place of beauty and an unspoiled environment. Not a lot of mining activity is found in the region, however, there are plans for two new mines.

The New South Wales environment department made a recommendation that two proposed mines in Blue Mountains should go ahead, despite fears of environmental damage. The concerns are that mining operations could damage unique rock formations that are prevalent in the proximity of the proposed mines.

Coalpac, plans to develop the mines at their Invincible Colliery and Cullen Valley Mine. Last year, the progressive NSW coal mining company had applied for mine extensions but had to resubmit their applications. It turns out Coalpac’s new applications were smaller than the original expansion plans of 2013.

“NSW environment department – 50 metres too close”

The original application proposed mining close to 50 metres from the rock formations known as pagodas, and it was rejected. The new application sees the company happy with a 300 metre buffer zone which has been received well by the NSW environment department. There are of course conditions tied to the approval, however the company sees no issues with meeting the new requirements.

The size of mining operations under the new proposal would take in about 150 hectares compared to 800 hectares in the original application. Coalpac have to sit it out whilst the final decision is made by the New South Wales Planning Assessment Commission.

It is expected the region could benefit from more NSW coal mining jobs should the final approval be successful.

About Coalpac

Coalpac is a privately owned, Australian coal mining company operating the existing Invincible Colliery and Cullen Valley Mine.

The NSW mining company has owned and operated coal mines in the Lithgow area of NSW since 1989. Back in February 2008, Coalpac bought the Lithgow Coal Company which encompassed the Cullen Valley Mine.

“coal is used to supply the domestic NSW coal market”

Coalpac mines around to 2.2 million tonnes of coal per year. This coal is used to supply the domestic NSW coal market. Owing to the close proximity of the Mount Piper Power Station (MPPS) around 90 percent of the coal mined is used to fire electricity generation at the plant.

The company uses traditional open-cut mining operations, with fleets of dump trucks, excavators, loaders and dozers. Learn more about the Coalpac NSW Planning & Environment application

About NSW mining operations and jobs

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