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Trainee Driller / Drillers Offsider

AMWD Pty Ltd is seeking an experienced Trainee Driller / Offsider

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Australian Mineral & Waterwell Drilling (AMWD Pty Ltd) are seeking an experienced Trainee Driller / Offsider

The position is for exploration rigs working in NSW, SA and the NT.

4 Weeks on 2 weeks off roster, 4 weeks paid annual leave. Hourly rate plus Metre Bonus, Meal allowance and accommodation supplied.

Greater Bendigo, Victoria or Northern Territory based preferred!

Must have HR Licence and First Aid Only successful applicants will be contacted for interviews.


AMWD aligns itself with the interests of mining and exploration and is an active player in the development of a more sustainable Australian mining industry.

The company has a fleet of diamond drilling rigs on trucks and tracks, to access those difficult remote places. They have the capacity to conduct deep bore drilling right across Australia.

Contact: Australian Mineral and Waterwell Drilling
306 Station Street
Epsom, Victoria, 3551

Phone: +61 3 5448 8880

Discover more about AMWD Pty Ltd on their website.


Give yourself every opportunity to get this job with AMWD. If you are applying, don’t send in your normal resume and cover letter. Make sure your resume is edited to show requirements for this Drillers Offsider job, or your application could be automatically rejected.

NOTE: When you apply for this job Trainee Driller / Drillers Offsider, take a look at your current resume and cover letter. Always match the first page of your resume to details of the job.

Search the job ad for keywords and add them into your resume because if you don’t, your application may be scanned and rejected.

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