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Is Your Resume Effective?

We show you why it is important to make sure your resume is written so it relates to mining and what you need to do to improve your chances of getting it seen by potential employers.

Read about resume scanning software

Do You Need To Know More?

If you have no knowledge of the mining industry, the best way to learn is to do an induction course. The course will teach you all about mining and how the mining industry works. The induction course is a requirement for anyone looking to work in Queensland coal mines

What you will learn in the mining induction

Mining Job Interview Tips

Read how to increase your chances once you get to the interview stage. You will find useful tips and things you need to remember every time. Mining is competitive and these tips will give you an edge

Here is some mining job interview tips

Dump Truck Discovery

The ebook dump truck discovery is written by LisaMirtsopoulos who works as a dump truck driver in WA. The book covers everything yo need to know about dump truck driving and is perfect for anyone looking to work in the mines

Read a chapter from Lisa's eBook here