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Plenty Of Rio Tinto Mining Jobs In Pilbara

If you're thinking of applying for this job, make sure your resume is up-to-date and includes at least some of the keywords contained within the advert.Click Here to download our Expert Mining Resume Guide and create the best version of your mining resume.

You need a Standard 11 Mining Induction to be eligible for this job. If you don't have one and are not sure what this is, click the Standard 11 Mining Induction link further down the page.

Safety is a high priority in this industry. This job requires you to have a heightened sense of awareness and also appreciate the importance of safety in the workplace.

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rio tinto mining jobsRio Tinto has dramatically expanded its iron ore operation in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, recently installing a 1000 tonne shiploader at their Cape Lambert port.

The new shiploader represents a huge milestone in the expansion of the company`s Pilbara operations. The rollout of shiploaders are all part of Rio Tinto`s plan to reach an interim target of a 290 million tonne annual capacity for their Pilbara operations.††

If you`re wondering which mining companies are searching to hire for ongoing expansive projects, this article details Rio Tinto`s expansion in the Pilbara region, and how you can get in on the action.

Rio Tinto`s continued expansion at Cape Lambert port includes finishing a two-sided berth that provides ore for two carriers, followed by a wharf extension adding another two berths.

Rio Tinto said the goal of the new works was to ensure Cape Lambert port had “the largest export capacity of the three iron ore port assets owned by Rio Tinto.”Ě

But the port at Cape Lambert is just one of many areas of growth for the mining giant in Western Australia. Port and rail works have already begun at Cape Lambert and Dampier port and of Rio Tinto`s 14 mines in the Pilbara, four of these – Brockman 4, Western Turner Syncline, Marandoo and Nammuldi – are set for expansion.

Currently Rio Tinto`s iron ore mining operations in the Pilbara have an annual capacity of 237 million tonnes, but with an investment of around $20 billion over the next five years, they plan to expand by 50 per cent capacity to 360 million tonnes by 2015.

Aside from their 14 mines, Rio Tinto also currently owns three shipping terminals and the largest privately owned heavy freight rail network in Australia.

In the Pilbara, Rio Tinto†owns Hamersley Iron’s eight mines and also operate the Hope Downs mine (50:50 joint venture between Rio Tinto and Hancock Prospecting Pty Limited),†the Channar mine (Rio Tinto: 60 per cent) and the Eastern Range mine (Rio Tinto: 54 per cent).†Iron ore operations in the Pilbara†also include a 53 per cent interest in Robe River Iron Associates’ three mines: Mesa J, Mesa A/Warramboo†and West Angelas.

Interested in a career with Rio Tinto? A quick glance at the careers page of their website†shows over 130 jobs on offer, with plenty of these in the Pilbara region.

Rio Tinto also advertises on Seek (, with over 140 jobs posted at the moment.

As with all the current mining companies, your resume needs to have certain keywords before it will even be scanned, but you don`t necessarily need experience.

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Plenty Of Rio Tinto Mining Jobs In Pilbara

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