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Newcrest Mining Overview

Newcrest MiningNewcrest Mining is the leading gold and gold-copper concentrate mining company in Australia. It is also becoming a prominent international corporation since the opening of operations in Indonesia and other countries outside of Australia.

The company`s gold production output exceeds 1.5 million ounces. A recent merger with Lihir Gold in Papua New Guinea increased the output to nearly 3 million ounces and makes the conglomerate the fifth largest gold producer worldwide.

The company headquarters is located in Melbourne. One of the largest and best known of the company`s operations is Cadia Valley (CVO) in New South Wales, 250 kilometers west of Sydney and about 25 kilometers southwest of the city of Orange.

CVO is composed of three mines, one an open pit and two that are underground. The open pit mine is called Cadia Hill. The underground mines are called Cadia East and Ridgeway. Newcrest mining owns 100% of the Cadia Valley operation.

Telfer in Western Australia is one of the company`s gold and copper mines. It is located in the Great Sandy Desert in the East Pilbara region and is a fly-in-fly-out operation. There are two open pits and one underground mine in the Telfer operation.

In addition to the operations in Australia, the company owns fully or partially two operations in Papua New Guinea, one in the Ivory Coast and another in Gosowong Indonesia. Exploration projects are currently underway in the Morobe province of Papua New Guinea and in Namosi on Fiji.

Emerging projects exist in the Tandai Joint Venture of Southwest Sumatra, the Manus Island joint venture of Papua New Guinea and the Mount Andewa/Mount Shrader ventures on the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea.

All of the locations, the exploration and the emerging projects combine to make Newcrest mining a leading employer. There are always numerous employment opportunities for qualified individuals and the company strives to create opportunities for employees to grow within the company.

Company employees are exposed to leading ore production processes, cutting edge technology and advanced equipment. The company`s strategy is to be a low-cost producer. In order to keep production costs to a minimum, there is a great desire for newer processes, safer equipment and newer technology.

Even though there is an understandable desire to keep costs low, the Newcrest mining compensation and benefits package is competitive. There are performance-based rewards. Relocation assistance is available, as is tuition assistance when further study is needed to advance the employee`s career.

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Newcrest Mining


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