Excelsior gold mining begins at Kalgoorlie North gold project

New gold mine in Kalgoorlie sparks mining jobs rush

New Kalgoorlie gold mine could lead to further expansion

Excelsior Gold Commences Mining at Kalgoorlie, WA

Excelsior Gold has commenced open pit mining at the Kalgoorlie North gold project, with the Castlereagh open pit, together with Jackorite, Big Blow South and the large Zoroastrian Central open pit to provide 1.36 million tonnes of ore grading 2.00g/t Au for treatment at the Paddington Mill over the next 18 months.

The Kalgoorlie North Gold Project is huge mining tenement covering 98 square kilometres with over 25 kilometres of strike of the Bardoc Tectonic Zone greenstone belt located 45 kilometres north of Kalgoorlie.

With mining now in progress and the operations commencing, Excelsior Gold will be looking to develop more open pits at Parkerville, Big Blow North and Nerrin Nerrin which are all close to the Castlereagh operations.

Hampton Transport Services, is in charge of the open pit mining and they have already got their earthmoving fleet geared up with strip operations being performed at the same time as the site infrastructure development.

How to get a job at Excelsior Gold

Are you tired of being rejected for most of the jobs you apply for? The reason most likely is you’re just like the other applicants and gone about it the wrong way.

There’s a science and an art to getting jobs in the mines and if you follow these few steps, you’ll rapidly increase your opportunities.

1. Start by researching the company

  • Excelsior Gold Ltd are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).. their ASX code is EXG. This the perfect place to begin researching the company. The ASX is totally transparent in its information, because it is a requirement for all publically listed companies that have individual shareholders, to do so. Here you’ll find out information about the financial state of Excelsior (whether they are a good company with plenty of cash to invest), because you don’t want to start working for a company that may run out of cash in a few months.
  • The ASX listing for Excelsior Gold will reveal shareholder information, the organisational chart of the directors and key influencers in the company, plus details of the company’s quarterly and yearly financial reports.
  • Looking at the share trading pattern of Excelsior, reveals a lot about the company and how they are managing their growth – or lack of it. The share price fluctuation is a good indicator of what the market is saying about the company overall. However, when major announcements are made, such as the beginning of a new contract or project, this can signal a rise in the share price as investors look to make a profit on their cash. Excelsior’s share price as of today has risen 10% because of the announcement of the commencement of the Kalgoorlie gold project. For a lot of people, this may seem like a odd way to research the company, but it is a proven way to gain deep insights into how the company operates.
  • Find the details of Excelsior by going to the ASX on this link. From here, the details of the directors can be located, which presents another opportunity for further research into their backgrounds. We suggest profiling these people on LinkedIn to strengthen your knowledge.

2. Go to the Excelsior website and dig deep for more information

  • www.excelsiorgold.com.au
  • Contact the company here: Unit 2, 124 Stirling Highway, NORTH FREMANTLE, WA, AUSTRALIA, 6159
  • Phone: 08 9335 7770
  • View images of the gold mining operations, to get a fell for what the conditions are like and learn about what equipment and machinery is being used.
  • Search Google for key terms such as ‘excelsior gold jobs wa’, or ‘Kalgoorlie North gold project’, or ‘kalgoorlie mining jobs’
  • Be specific about the types of jobs you can do and offer the company and make certain your safety qualifications are up to date.
  • Hampton Transport Services are the main contractors at the mine; this is the first place to apply for jobs for machinery operators such as haul truck, excavator, backhoe, front-end loader, water truck etc.Hampton Transport Services reveal a list of their past and present partners; this is an excellent place to start researching these companies to look for employment opportunities
    • Agnew Gold Mining Company
    • Harmony Gold
    • Range River Gold
    • Sandfire Resources
    • St Barbara Mines
    • Troy Resources
  • Make sure your resume and interview techniques are as good as they can be..if not, here’s a few how-to guides to help you. how to write a resume that gets you and interview | the secret to stopping your resume from getting blocked by automated software scanners | how to prepare for an interview with Excelsior Gold

Over the past year, it’s not been easy for job seekers looking for permanent employment in the mines, times have changed – however, as with all things, change equals opportunity. Follow the tips above and apply the same types of research to any mining company or project to increase your job opportunities. Don’t wait for jobs to be advertised on Seek and Indeed etc… go search for the jobs before they are advertised. There are always vacancies for highly motivated, qualified professionals – get out there and find your future.

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