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Qld jobs in mining – Bowen Basin coal mine development

iMINCO Bowen Basin mine survey - more QLD jobs in mining ASF Group associate, Civil & Mining Resources (CMR), has begun a program in the Bowen Basin to reveal a massive coal deposit.

The Cracow metallurgical coal exploration program is targeting the eastern Bowen Basin in Queensland.

The Cracow Project

The new developments could open the way for more Qld mining jobs to be created in the coal-rich Bowen Basin. The Cracow Project which cover about 370 square kilometres, is close to Anglo American`s Dawson Mine which produces over 9 million tonnes ofcoking, soft coking and thermal coal each year and provides hundreds of people with mining jobs in the state.

“targeting metallurgical coal in huge seams”

The current method of coal extraction at the Dawson mine is traditional open-cut and highwall mining, involving the use of haul trucks, excavators, shovels and loaders. Cracow targets metallurgical coal in huge seams that are located close to the surface within the Back Creek Group (Buffel Formation).

In terms of what types of Qld jobs in mining we can expect, it would be fair to say heavy machinery operators would be in big demand once the project gets underway.

“heavy machinery operators would be in big demand”

Located near Moura and the Port of Gladstone, the project is well placed to be of significant value to the region, with easy access to existing mining and logistic infrastructure.

Cracow is 20 kilometres southeast of the Moura Rail System that currently services the Dawson Mine Complex and ships coal 184 kilometres to coastal coal terminals in the Gladstone area.

The proposed Surat Coal Rail System will extend the rail system to the south of the Dawson Mine Complex, passing close to the western, north / south running border of the mining tenement.

ASF has a 68 per cent stake in Cracow through its 53.7 percent owned subsidiary ASF Resources.

“26 coal exploration permits in Queensland”

CMR has many investments in Queensland with some 26 coal exploration permits covering about 13,647 square kilometres. There is potential to build a sizeable coal resource in the Bowen Basin, with the flow-on effect of more Queenslsland mining jobs being created.

As the company holds 26 exploration permits that are close to existing commercial deposits and operating mines, there is a lot of optimism being created around this and many other exploration projects in the Bowen Basin.


In order to establish the size of the resource, CMR started the exploration with a SkyTEM aerial geophysics survey over three prospective areas in the Cracow Project.

The survey was said to deliver rapid 3-dimensional insights into the geological make up of the proposed mining area. This detailed survey creates the opportunity for the company to identify where they would be drilling. It’s thought 14 exploration holes will reveal the shallow open-cut coking coal resource.

The survey data is at this moment being analysed in Denmark and after the data has been reviewed, the final locations for drilling will be revealed. Drilling is expected to start around the end of May 2014.

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Qld jobs in mining – Bowen Basin

Once again, we see a relatively unknown mining company being active in coal exploration in the Bowen Basin of Queensland. Coal mines are scattered the width and breadth of the basin and despite the media consistently reporting the demise of the coal industry, we see there are still companies who are forging ahead with projects.

Of course, it is no secret that coal mining has suffered a few hits over the last year and some mines have been hit hard. There have been the inevitable jobs reductions in the mining sector as mining companies adjust their workforce in line with economic supply and demand cycles.

“positive and uplifting news”

For the majority of people who work in the coal mining industry and for those who aspire to a mining job in Queensland, this type of news is positive and uplifting.

Good news emanating from the Queensland coal mines is rarely reported in mainstream media and therefore opportunities for people who are hopeful of a mining career aresometimes lost.

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