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Mining Jobs To Rise For 5 Years

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mining jobs to riseA BIS Shrapnel report has said more mining jobs will emerge as the sector moves from the construction to production phase in the coming years.

The next 5 years will see a 41% increase in production in mining, meaning a corresponding lift in operational and maintenance jobs.

As a result of massive expenditure on expansion projects in the past 10 years, miners had lost productivity, but now were having to concentrate on that area due to less investment, lower commodity prices and a high Australian dollar.

The mining sector will be contributing almost 20% to Australia`s GDP by 2018.


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Credit: BIS Shrapnel

Mining jobs in the operational sector have risen to 184,000 to date, and over the next 5 years are expected to rise a further 11%

Over the next five years, operational mining employment is expected to rise a further 11 per cent to over 204,000.

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Reference: MiningAustralia | Advice for people searching to work in mining in Australia.

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