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Mining Jobs South Australia – 100 New BGC Jobs Created

iMINCO - Mining Jobs South Australia - 100 New Jobs CreatedIron ore mining company Arrium Mining has once again created more mining jobs in South Australia.

Its preferred civil contracting company BGC has been awarded the contract to develop mining operations further by employing 100 new workers at the Iron Knob iron ore mine site.

BGC Contracting will start work as soon as possible at the Whyalla location. Mining activity will concentrate on reopening one existing pit with further development concentrating on two new iron ore pits.

Overall, it’s estimated that around 200 mining jobs will be created, with the expectation that 100 existing mine workers will be transferred from another Arrium site in South Australia.

Arrium and BGC have partnered with one another for over 12 months at the Arrium South Middleback site where the BGC provided mining machinery and maintenance services as well as ore excavation and haulage.

Stage one of the project will see a single digger operating for around seven months. A second dig fleet will be brought in as the project ramps up to an expected production target of 8 Mtpa of iron ore.

Mining jobs South Australia with Arrium Mining

Arrium Mining (ASX: ARI) has been in the news lately as it builds its reputation as a serious iron ore producer in Australia. More mining jobs South Australia have been created with this rapidly advancing mining company and mining job seekers would be wise to watch this miner closely in the future.

Mining operations typically involve traditional mining and extraction techniques with operations centering around the use of dozers, excavators, haul truck, crushing and screening.

The international mining and materials company indicated sales revenue for 2013of $6.841 billion, and approximately 10,000 employees across its mining and steel operations.

Arrium Mining currently exports approximately 6 million tonnes of hematite ore to China each year from its Middleback Ranges mining operation in South Australia.

Arrium also has another business called OneSteel which is a nationwide steel manufacturer and distributor (previously owned by BHP). They have around 200 sites across the country; and a significant supplier of scrap metal to foundries, smelters and steel mills in Australia and internationally.

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  1. Gary Buchanan April 29, 2015 Reply

    Interested in mining/quarry employment in QLD and NSW. Currently working in S.A. mine.

    • Author
      John April 30, 2015

      That’s great Gary, what did you want us to do about that? Have you read through the many blog posts on – mining news in Australia?

      Best advice we can give you is start to research the QLD and NSW quarrying companies. Start to do some of your own digging. We have a service for $250 and we can supply you with a list of mining companies in NSW and QLD to get your started.

      Otherwise get on Google and start to decide where you want to live and what mines are close. Mining is changing so you have to get up to speed. Depends on the current qualification you hold also. Are you an operator of machinery, is your experience open-cut or underground? Have you got any experience as a manager or supervisor, training or WH&S?

      Have a thorough read of our website and download the free mining ebooks too.

      Good luck with your move up to NSW or QLD.

      r.e Interested in a mining job in QLD and NSW
      iMINCO Mining Information

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