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Mining Jobs Queensland

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Mackay & Coalfields, Queensland location.

This is a Bowen Basin job located in the Mackay & Coalfields area. Do you live close to this location, or are you willing to FIFO from within Queensland?

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Mining Jobs In Queensland Are A Way Of Life 

Mining Jobs QueenslandMining jobs Queensland are one of the backbones of  the entire region.  That`s because the mining industry is such an integral part of this area.  With rich natural deposits of coal, bauxite and various other minerals, the prospects for continuing the industry are extremely good.  Here mining remains a thriving source of employment and income and, unlike almost any other region, a true way of life. 

There are many small mining communities scattered throughout the region.  Some are populated continuously, others see workers coming and going on a cycle of fly in/fly out jobs.  The normal practice is a rotation of two weeks on and one week off, though rotations can vary from company to company.  As these towns are centered around the mining operation itself, they tend to be very close-knit communities. 

While there are many different minerals that are mined throughout the region, most mining jobs Queensland are related to coal.  There are several large coal deposits in areas such as the Bowen and Galilee Basins and they produce millions of tonnes of thermal coal each year.  With the increased demand for sustainable energy resources, this puts Australia`s mining industry at the forefront of the world market. 

Along with profitable mining operations, Queensland is also a main location for export as it contains several of the key ports.  Towns such as Abbot Point, Mackay and Brisbane are main centres for exportation and shipping of coal supplies.  These and other port towns handle the majority of Australia`s coal exports and are another great source of mine related jobs. 

As important as coal is as a resource, it is far from the only natural product of the region`s mining industry.  In fact, many mining jobs Queensland centre around the excavation of bauxite.  The first major discovery of bauxite here came in the mid 1950`s and within a decade, a full-blown mining operation had grown up around it. 

Bauxite is most commonly found in the northern section of the region.  One of the larger and more well developed mining towns is Weipa, where several thousand people live and work together in the mines.  Fortunately, the main reserves of bauxite have been relatively easy to access and the result is a thriving mining operation that brings in a steady profit. 

The end result of all these resources is an ever present and growing amount of mining jobs Queensland.  Individuals searching for good, stable employment that pays well can find it here.  Whether you want to relocate or just work FIFO jobs, you can find something that will suit your needs and provided you have the proper training, the mining companies are always eager to hire. 

If you`re considering getting into mining, there is no better place to start than beautiful Queensland.  It`s the heart of Australia`s most vibrant and thriving coal industry and it promises to be a solid part of the industry`s future as well.  Now is the perfect time to carve your niche with a job in the mines, so why not come see what Queensland has to offer?iminco logo

Mining Jobs Queensland


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