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Mining Jobs No Experience Necessary

Australian mining companies, even to this day will hire you for jobs in the mines even if you have little or no mining experience.

They will train you in safety and induct you into their organisation. Previously, before sweeping legislation in Australia changed the way mining safety was viewed, mining was a high risk job and frequently fatal for workers who were not aware of the risks involved.

Today however, with the introduction of new, cutting-edge mining machinery, coupled with world class safety measures, the incidents of accidents have been greatly reduced for mining companies who used to take on great risk in employing workers with no experience.

Finding mining jobs no experience is easier than a lot of people might imagine. The West Australian mining industry provides mining jobs to skilled and unskilled labour. Many people are finding out their lack of mining experience, or from where they come from in the world, does not reduce their chances of a landing mining job with no experience.

There are literally hundreds of mine sites in Western Australia, especially in the Pilbara region. Most will have vacancies for mining jobs no experience required, you just have to know where to find them. Due to the huge global demand for Australian minerals, especially the iron ore that is abundant in WA, there are lots of mining jobs and demand is high for unskilled labour.

WA Mining jobs

You’ll find there are professional people with many years experience who come from a wide range of unrelated industries who simply change their profession to reap the benefits of larger salaries in the mining industry.

With the right information, attitude and experience you can often approach the big Australian mining companies like Rio Tinto, Fortescue Metals Group and BHP Billiton and after a selection process many people find themselves being offered  a job with training included. Good rates of pay for mining jobs WA no experience, can be around $1,200 ““ $2,000 a week in-the-hand (after tax). The average salary in the mining industry is currently about $120,000 a year – pretty good!

WA mining hot spots such as the Chevron Gorgon Gas Project, Karratha, Port Hedland, Mount Isa and Kalgoorlie are often chasing up people to work in mining jobs no experience.  If you’re looking for a career in mining in WA and currently reside in another state or country, then go to the WA government`s site,  it’s  worth looking at.

People who are on the lookout for mining jobs with no experience or skills can sometimes work with experienced people who have worked in the mines for years as their assistant or there are plenty of jobs to choose from such as cleaning jobs, kitchen jobs or catering jobs in the mines.

Mine site accommodation

Mining jobs can mean you can be residential, where you may live close to a mining centre and bused (BIBO) to the mine courtesy of the free bus service the mining company operates. Other types are drive in drive out, sometimes know  as DIDO. This is you drive to a mine site from your own  home or accommodation direct to the mine site.

FIFO mining jobs (fly in fly out mining jobs) are pretty much the norm in WA. This type of job means you can live in your own town or city located anywhere in Australia and when your roster starts, you fly to your work site on a free mining company chartered flight.

You will be staying in a specially-built mining camp which is fully catered with free food and accommodation (Dongas). Typically you’ll work a 12 hour day on a rotating roster which may be 2 weeks on, 1 week off, or other combinations of weeks and time off. When your working roster is finished you’ll fly back on a free chartered flight back to to your home town or city.

Working in the mining industry and securing a mining job with no experience is a pretty cool way to earn a living and save money because most of your living expenses are paid for by the mining company.

How to get a head start with mining jobs in Australia

When you look at it like this, if you’re seeking an unskilled or no experience mining job is determination, attitude, honesty and commitment and a strong work ethic. With the right mix of traits anyone can quickly move up the ranks and be promoted, where you can earn even more money.

There’s many people who have started their mining careers from an unskilled mining job level and been able to complete further on-site training courses such as Supervisor or Risk Assessment.

Some people find they can become a mature age apprentices, once you prove yourself and gain experience.  Mining companies encourage career advancement whenever they see people who have the abilities to make a difference to their workforce.

The mining industry in Australia is changing. Whereas in previous years there was massive activity in developing new mines and building the infrastructure. To this day it’s still going on, however, we are seeing a major push by the big mining companies to increase their productivity output. This means they will be looking for eager people to contribute to the growth of their mining operations. The industry offers immense opportunity for people looking for mining jobs no experience.

With global demand for Australian minerals heating up and emerging economies like China and India who need these resources, the mining industry will still need to recruit about tens of thousands of people over the next decade. Take the first steps and see out mining jobs no experience required, they can lead you to new experiences and offer more employment opportunities than you can imagine.

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