Mining Jobs in WA Looking Strong for The Future

Mining Jobs in WA Looking Strong for The Future

Western Australian Jobs in Mining - iMINCOFor those of you wanting to find mining jobs in WA, tracking mining industry news, contract wins and project expansion is one of the best ways to find out where mining jobs in Australia will start emerging.

It means you can apply for jobs in the mines before the crowds do.

For instance last week news broke that Mining Jobs in WA could soar with Fortescue as the company races toward its production target of 155 million tonnes as soon as December 2013.

Again this week Fortescue Metals Group is making headlines, as data released by the Port Hedland Port Authority showed exports of iron ore from Port Hedland in WA have risen a staggering 36 per cent year on year, to 26.6 million tonnes in July.

Fast Facts for mining jobs in WA:

  • Australia`s largest export earner is iron ore.
  • The rise was driven mostly from the increase in iron ore production by the port’s major users, BHP Billiton and Fortescue Metals Group. (Two companies to constantly research and track if looking for WA mining jobs).
  • Fortescue’s April-June 2012 output of 19.2 million mt jumped a HUGE 78 per cent to 34.3 million tonnes when compared to the same timeframe for 2013. (Meaning the company has a strong focus on ramping up production enormously – again a good sign for those seeking WA mining jobs).
  • Test samples of Fortescue `s own 58.3% grade iron ore product (which will be formally launched this month) has been exported to Asian mills outside of China.

What does all of this mean to you on the hunt for Western Australian jobs in the mines?

Fortescue is ramping up activity in the hope of securing its position of becoming a world power as an exporter of iron ore in Australia. To do they need manpower – so mining jobs in WA will be ever-increasing. They have consolidated their position as an alternative reliable supplier of iron to China and emerging SE Asia markets and remains confident in China`s commitment to economic growth with a continued demand for steel.

To reach their targeted production of 155 million tonnes by December 2013 and to become the largest producer of iron-ore in Australia, Fortescue will constantly be needing to expand their Western Australian workforce significantly, meaning the possibility of more mining jobs opening up all the time.

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