Mining jobs in Tasmania

Mining jobs in Tasmania

Mining jobs in Tasmania
Tasmania is one of the nation`s mining jobs hotspots now and in the future, according to recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Figures show a dramatic surge in over 3000 mining jobs in the state over the past two years, due to current and extended projects.

Specifically, Tasmania has gone from around 2000 jobs in direct employment in mining to 5500 jobs, with almost all of them full-time.

Mining represents more than half the state’s exports at about $1.7 billion.

Deputy Premier of Tasmania Bryan Green said mineral exploration in the area has almost doubled in the last six years. Teamed with added interest from investors and a number of new mines being approved recently, it`s definitely a great time to look for a mining job in Tasmania.

Tasmanian Minerals Council executive director Terry Long said there had also been an increase in extension of mine life in the area. The industry average is three to five years, but Mr Long said† “companies such as Grange Resources at Savage River and MMG at Rosebery have extended their mine life out into decades.”Ě

Grange Resources has three open pit iron ore mines, intercepted by the Savage River in the state`s West Coast.

Unity Mining Limited has another Tasmanian project which has a proven resource for at least another five years, the Henty Gold Mine just ten kilometres south of Rosebery.

MMG Limited has an underground mine at Rosebery which excavates primarily zinc, but also copper, lead, gold and silver. It also holds a surface processing plant and is located a few hundreds kilometres south of the Grange Resources project. The mine, which has been an integral part of the Tasmanian economy since its beginnings in 1934, has a life that now extends until 2024.

Among new projects on the horizon, there is† Shree Minerals’ iron ore project near Temma, in the north-west, and Venture Minerals’ Riley Creek iron ore mine also in the Rosebery area, west of Tullah.

The Riley mine is one of three projects being developed by Venture in the North-West including the Mount Lindsay project, also in the state`s north-west.

It`s estimated the Mt Lindsay project will create 1000 jobs during construction.

The minerals-rich Tarkine area also currently has 86 mining tenements held, or being applied for, revealing just how many mining employment possibilities in Tasmania we can expect in coming years.

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