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A resource industry job expo will be staged on the Gold Coast in a few weeks’ time to connect the city’s unemployed with mining and construction companies who want willing workers.

Premier Anna Bligh this afternoon made the announcement on the Gold Coast following a mining jobs summit between resource company executives, the State Government and councils.

Where will the Mining job expos be held?

Work for Queensland job expos will also be staged in Cairns, the Sunshine Coast, the Whitsunday region and the Wide Bay Burnett.

”We have significant numbers of Queenslanders, particularly in some regional areas, out of work and yet the mining industry is facing a skills shortage,” Ms Bligh said.

How many jobs will be available?

”We know that as many as 38,000 construction and operation jobs will be created in the Queensland resources sector between now and 2014-2015.

”The resources sector has committed to identifying the jobs and skills required immediately and in the longer term and bringing those vacancies to the expos.

”We have also secured the support of five regional councils to help us tap into these new pools of resource workers.

”This agreement will help ensure people in these regional areas have greater opportunity to benefit from this jobs boom.”

When is the Gold Coast mining jobs expo on?

The exact date for the Gold Coast expo is unknown, but Ms Bligh said it would be staged sometime in September or early October.Here is thedates for the Mining Jobs Expos

How do offsite training centres help?

The offsite training centres are set up to deliver information, training that is required by request of the mining companies. Programs can be defined according to the employees needs.

Heavy machinery familiarisation or underground work ready programs have proven successful running along side theQld mining induction.


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  1. Faisal javed August 20, 2011 Reply

    I have done my in geology with specialization in engineering and economic geology.i have also don internship in drilling and mining companies. Now a days i am free and looking for good opportunity in mining or drilling companies. Can you help me to providing opportunities. I want to work in creating environment and ready to move anywhere in the world.I have also diploma of auto cad 2d and 3d max and quantity surveying.

  2. Darren Bilton August 19, 2011 Reply

    I have already done my coal mine induction passed a medical sent out over 140 resumes then get told theres a job straight away if you pay $10,000 i told them who,s getting the money some one is i was so discusted when i heard this and so dam pissed off. ive written to the priminister about how she keeps on saying theres thousands of jobs out there available here i sit on the bloody dole and still cant get a job it seems to me that if you dont know someone in the minds you wont get a start so im doing my diploma in oh&s then moving to sydney . where theres more employment oppertunities

    • Pete - iMINCO August 19, 2011

      Hi Darren
      Thats a weird story mate. Who was trying to get $10k from you before they gave you a job. thats crazy! You don’t need to buy a job off anyone, it is obviously a scam. Best of luck with the OH&S ticket they are definitely going to need a heap more HSE’s
      Cheers Pete iMINCO

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