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Mining Induction Sydney 7 Dec

Mining Induction

Mining Induction Sydney 7 Dec

Mining Induction – Surface Operations
Taking this Mining Induction course in Sydney will add weight to your resume and will show your prospective mining employer that you have taken the time to attend the course at your own cost, and now have the core skills to enable you to work safely alongside their existing workforce. This is a skill that is sought after by ALL mining companies and contractors.

Held in Sydney City, the 3-day Mining Induction course is prepared and instructed by competent and highly experienced mine-ready trainers.  They will ensure your time with them is constructive and rewarding. Feedback from previous students has shown that the Mining Induction course is viewed as enjoyable as well as informative.

Training times are 8.30 to 4.30 daily. Comfortable clothes and enclosed shoes should be worn. To help get the Mining Induction course underway on time, if you can please arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of the course that would be appreciated.

After completion of the Mining Induction course in Sydney, all students receive a FREE “Mine Ready Kit” and Post-Training Job Support on completion of their certification. The Post-Training Job Support program is the first of its kind and will provide you with lists of mining companies, mining contractors, show you how and where to apply for mining jobs, assist you with getting an interview, tips and hints on preparing your resume and a whole lot more. This is worth $100’s if not $1000’s. Completing the Mining Induction course and getting access to the additional help and support is well worth it if you are serious about a career in mining and the resource sector.

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Mining Induction Sydney 7 Dec

Mining Induction course – Compliance with The State of Queensland, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999 Section 37(3)

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