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  1. Matthew March 16, 2015 Reply

    I have completed a Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety and currently studying Certificate III in Recordkeeping. How do i use this to get employment with a mining company?

    • John March 23, 2015

      Cert IV in WHS is always going to help you get a job as mining companies want qualified people.

      Start off by looking for WHS jobs in mining, or start as an office admin person and work your way up. This is often the best way to start, especially if you have little experiene.

      Find WHS mining jobs on

      r.e. I have completed a Cert IV in WHS – how can I use this to get a job in the mines?

      iMINCO Mining Information

  2. umelo obioma michael January 19, 2015 Reply

    i am an underground machine operator I need a mining job in Australia

    • John January 19, 2015

      Hello, the first thing to make sure of is that you are cleared to work in Australia. If you are a foreign national, you must have a 457 Visa that has been approved by the Australian government. Mining jobs in Australia are not handed out to overseas applicants who do not have the authority to work. In most cases, local workers who possess the correct Australian qualifications and have demonstrated experience in underground mining are given preference.

      r.e. I’m an underground machine operator and I need a mining job in Australia
      iMINCO Mining Information

  3. Manish Rajpoot July 29, 2014 Reply

    I am underground machine (all rounder) operator. I want to work in Australia.

    • John July 31, 2014

      Hello Manish and thanks for your question. To work in Australia you must have authority to be employed as a migrant worker. There is a scheme run by the Australian government that identifies those careers that are in short supply in Australia. You will require a 457 visa to work in Australia and a job to go to. This means an employer must agree to employ you under strict conditions. Underground machinery operators are in demand here, however you will not be able to work unless you get the correct visa. This is your first step to getting a mining job in Australia.

      r.e. I’m from overseas, I want a mining job in Australia
      iMINCO Mining Information

  4. corey bristow April 11, 2013 Reply

    Iam a journeyman plumber and I want a job in the mines or gas/oil fields how do I get into the industry

    • John April 29, 2013

      Hey Corey
      Thanks for your question. From my experience, there are a number of ways to get into the industry. Call in some favours from your friends, ask them if they know anyone who is working in the industry. Go to the mining and resource jobs boards and start to search for plumbing jobs. Coal seam gas and LNG pipeline construction is huge in Queensland, that’s where I’d be starting to look. Do some searches on SEEK or for the keywords “plumbing mining” or “pipeline fitter” or “CSG jobs”… you can also do this on Google. We have a good list of Mining contractors in Australia on our website. This is also a good place to start your job search.

      There is a process to this Corey and you have to make sure you have the right qualifications and tickets to work in the industry. Seems like you have a lot of experience and that’s a big plus. Age is no barrier, because what’s more important is your ability to work in a team and your attitude to the job. Many people who get into the industry can’t adjust to working in a strict environment where you are told what to do all of the time.

      The enforcement of workplace health and safety is a high priority in the industry, so you need to be aware of the risks involved. This is why a lot of people do a mining induction course and try and get as many additional courses under their belt as they can. Courses like Work Safely at Heights and Confined Spaces course are highly recommended to have on your resume. If you have a four wheel drive certificate of competency then this would be a real bonus for you because you would be required to drive to the job site on many occasions.

      Also, you might want to consider getting your resume updated because the majority of job applications fail at the resume scanning stage of the application, where machines scan resumes for core keywords related to the job being advertised. If you don’t have these keywords in your resume and/or cover letter, then you’re already limiting your opportunities. A professionally written mining/resource industry resume are well worth the investment.

      Good luck with your job hunt Corey. Let us know how you go.

      r.e. How to get plumbing jobs in the mining and resource sector
      iMINCO Mining Information

  5. Paul February 27, 2013 Reply

    Hi my name Paul and I’m looking to move my young family , wife and 3 children for a better life in austrailia . Iam currently a car transporter . I also am ex British forces , were I was driving tank transporters exceeding extremely heavy loads weighing over 100 tons , and i am wondering if the mining industry would have any vacancys for some one with my experience .

  6. Jennifer OBrien February 21, 2013 Reply

    Hi I have recently arrived in Australia and am looking for house keeping work within the mines. Can u please help me in order to find a job.

    • John February 27, 2013

      Hi Jennifer
      Just start looking for mining jobs for cleaning and housekeeping via Google, or the jobs boards like SEEK and Career One. There are loads of jobs out there. You just have to make a start.
      Ask your friends, move closer to a mining town like Mt.ISA, Mackay, Emerald, Gunnedah, follow the mining news online, read mining magazines and find out where the jobs are. If you want to get anywhere in mining, you have to take the initiative, it’s up to you, no one will hand you a job on a plate. Mining companies will employ people who are proactive, enthusiastic and have a willingness to seek out opportunity and can contribute to the growth of the company. If you have these traits, then you can get a job anywhere – not just in mining.

      iMINCO Mining Information
      r.e. How do I find housekeeping work in the mines?

  7. Damien August 20, 2012 Reply

    Hi there,
    My name is Damien and I am an Aboriginal man from Northern Victoria. I have had an interest in the mines since a few of my friends have found employment in this field. I suppose what I am wondering is that what would a person with 9 years experience in Education and 3 years experience working in the local Aboriginal Community Centre (where I was Co-ordinator) would have to offer. Whether there is any scope to maybe take up an apprenticeship or Traineeship of some sort where I could use my Interpersonal skills.

    Looking forward to your reply…


    • Jay August 20, 2012

      Hi Damien, thanks for your question. How did your friends go about finding work in the mines? I guess that’s the first place I’d start. More often than not, the old saying “it’s not what you know, but who you know”, when it comes to applying for any kind of job. Did your friends have a trade and they had already served an apprenticeship? Or have they started as ‘cleanskins’, or are just new to the mining industry? Every business, whether it’s mining or not, needs people to run it, so your experience in working with and and managing people is a definite plus. Ask yourself, what job would you be happy doing in the mines? Would you be happy with a FIFO mining job, or do you want to work locally? Mining companies are starting to hold their own adult mining apprenticeship programs because of the mining skills shortages that exist at the moment. Read about adult mining apprenticeships right here on our website. Google ‘adult mining apprenticeships’ and you’ll see a lot of opportunities for you to speak to someone who can give you career guidance. Websites like the National Apprenticeships Scheme are also a good place to start. Keep looking, researching and never give up until you land yourself that dream mining job – they’re out there.

      iMINCO Mining Information
      r.e. Mining jobs – mining apprenticeships for adult Australians

      Are you up to speed with the Australian mining industry news? Get plugged into to Project News.

  8. Karen Williams August 13, 2012 Reply

    Hi I am working in Retail at the moment but would like to drive a dum truck has always been my dream. Would like to have more information on becoming a driver on these trucks. Is it a must that I must do the courses that they have or could I get thte training on the mines. Would appreciate it if you could give me information on this Thank you

    • Pete August 14, 2012

      Hi Karen
      Nice of you to take the time to ask this question. We get a lot of questions from women who are looking to start a career in mining, especially driving haul trucks. There are a lot of mining job opportunities for the right people with the right skills and attitude, just like any profession. To be taken seriously when you apply for a dump truck driving job, you really need to have completed a couple of courses to show the mining companies you are competent and are a safe driver with experience driving the big machines. Some of the haul trucks are worth in excess of $2 million and despite the high safety standards on mine sites, there are times when accidents happen, even for experienced drivers. I can recommend doing a lot of research, find out everything you can about the mining industry, where the mines are (open-cut), what machinery they are using etc. Go to, and to find dump truck jobs. Just type in ‘dump truck mining’ or ‘haul truck mining’ and you’ll get a list of jobs. Sign up for our Project News email newsletter on our website. In this weeks edition we show you exactly where to find dump truck driving jobs,(this week we uncovered 385 dump truck jobs) so don’t miss out on that one. Complete a dump truck training course, the one near Brisbane is a good one and you learn on a real mine site lease, with plenty of roads, uphill, downhill, night time driving, emergency maneuvers, loading and hauling – everything you’d expect to be doing on a mine site (plus night time driving – which really prepares you for that job in the mines you are looking for because mine sites operate 24 hours a day).

      iMINCO Mining Information
      r.e. I’d like to drive a dump truck, where can I find information?

  9. Chi Tam nguyen June 12, 2012 Reply

    hi ,this is chi tam nguyen (jacky ) viet namese .currently live in nsw .i woulk like to apply for Fifo chef in minkng site ,basically i am a head chef at one hotel ALH group .my previous work in viet nam as cook in staff canteen in fine stars hotel ,chef at Marriott hotel ,sous chef at off site catering ,executive chef at hotel & resort
    i came to australia over three years ,as begining day ,my position as chef ,after one year i promotion to head chef and now operation the busy kitchen in the hotel at bistro food ,bulk cooking ,1700 to 2000 cover a week only 4 chef on duty
    i got certificate III in cookery
    OH&S certificate
    proofs of certificate relavant

    please help if you got any ideas about my requires.

    thank you do much


    • John June 14, 2012

      Hi Chi
      Wow – you have some great qualifications there and it looks like you know how to handle bulk cooking so I’m sure you would have a good chance at securing a well paid position in a mine in some form of catering capacity. Of course you need the right mining induction, for that mine site, this can be arranged via RTO Industry Pathways, who have courses available in most capital cities in Australia 07 5562 2212.

      iMINCO Mining Information
      R.E. FIFO jobs in mining as a chef.

  10. VIJAYABHARATHI January 29, 2012 Reply

    Hi, this is Vijay from India, presently making necessary arrangements to pursue masters in Australia regarding mining engineering. Basically I am a mechanical engineer served as maintenance senior engineer in a heavy machinery handling, will this profile will add some face lift to my job opportunities in Australia?. I am so eager to pursue a masters in mining & to serve in this field. please help if u got any ideas about my queries. And also please highlight the facts involved in this job offers in Australia.

  11. gavin clarke January 5, 2012 Reply

    I have been working for a drilling company in Perth as a trainee driller on a hydco 350 rc rig, I have had to come back to England to sort my visa out so I can remain in Australia. I am coming back in march/april 2012 and want to hopefully start a different mining job with a different company if any companies are accepting applicants please could you email me I am 23 and have a HR unrestricted licence and mines health surveilance card


    Gavin clarke

  12. Alisha December 14, 2011 Reply

    HI My dad is looking at getting into the mines and i would like to know what qualifications does he need? he is a bolier maker by trade, has recently got his white card, owned a business for 10 years so has managment skills what other courses or tickets should he be looking at to increase his chances of getting into the mining industry any advise would be great :)

  13. Joel July 12, 2011 Reply

    I’m a second year heavy vehicle mechanic about to go into third year in september and would like to transfer over into mining to gain further experience in heavy machinery mechanics

  14. Ryan o'brien September 14, 2010 Reply

    I am 20 years old and looking for a new career in the mining industry. This year I completed my certificate 111 in Bricklaying/Blocklaying. I received 2 awards (2007 & 2009) for Apprentice of the Year with my employer Nerang Bricklaying Pty Ltd.

    Your assistance will be very much appreciated.


    I am will to learn all aspets of this industry.

    • Pete - iMINCO September 14, 2010

      Hi Ryan
      The only suggestion I have is for you is to apply for as many different positions as you can. Get your resume sorted out so it reflects the awards you have won and your ability to learn quicker than others. Good Luck


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