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This list will give you a head start when looking for mining job opportunities.

 The top mining companies in Australia

Checklist to begin your research on mining companies

Starting your search for ways to get into the mining and resource industry can be frustrating, so you need to be clear where to start and what you should be looking for. The checklist below will help you in your search for mining job opportunities by expanding your mining knowledge.

The more you know about the mining and resource sector in Australia, the more you know about the mining companies, the greater the chances of you landing a job – because you are aware of what is happening.

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  • Find out where the mining companies are located
  • Find out the history of the company
  • Read their latest company announcements and news
  • Discover where the latest mining activity is
  • Find out what types of minerals they are mining
  • Find out what sort of training you need
  • Review the jobs they currently advertise on their website jobs board
  • Prepare you resume to make it mining focused

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  1. Manish Rajpoot July 29, 2014 Reply

    I am underground machine (all rounder) operator. I want to work in Australia.

    • John July 31, 2014

      Hello Manish and thanks for your question. To work in Australia you must have authority to be employed as a migrant worker. There is a scheme run by the Australian government that identifies those careers that are in short supply in Australia. You will require a 457 visa to work in Australia and a job to go to. This means an employer must agree to employ you under strict conditions. Underground machinery operators are in demand here, however you will not be able to work unless you get the correct visa. This is your first step to getting a mining job in Australia.

      r.e. I’m from overseas, I want a mining job in Australia
      iMINCO Mining Information

  2. corey bristow April 11, 2013 Reply

    Iam a journeyman plumber and I want a job in the mines or gas/oil fields how do I get into the industry

    • John April 29, 2013

      Hey Corey
      Thanks for your question. From my experience, there are a number of ways to get into the industry. Call in some favours from your friends, ask them if they know anyone who is working in the industry. Go to the mining and resource jobs boards and start to search for plumbing jobs. Coal seam gas and LNG pipeline construction is huge in Queensland, that’s where I’d be starting to look. Do some searches on SEEK or for the keywords “plumbing mining” or “pipeline fitter” or “CSG jobs”… you can also do this on Google. We have a good list of Mining contractors in Australia on our website. This is also a good place to start your job search.

      There is a process to this Corey and you have to make sure you have the right qualifications and tickets to work in the industry. Seems like you have a lot of experience and that’s a big plus. Age is no barrier, because what’s more important is your ability to work in a team and your attitude to the job. Many people who get into the industry can’t adjust to working in a strict environment where you are told what to do all of the time.

      The enforcement of workplace health and safety is a high priority in the industry, so you need to be aware of the risks involved. This is why a lot of people do a mining induction course and try and get as many additional courses under their belt as they can. Courses like Work Safely at Heights and Confined Spaces course are highly recommended to have on your resume. If you have a four wheel drive certificate of competency then this would be a real bonus for you because you would be required to drive to the job site on many occasions.

      Also, you might want to consider getting your resume updated because the majority of job applications fail at the resume scanning stage of the application, where machines scan resumes for core keywords related to the job being advertised. If you don’t have these keywords in your resume and/or cover letter, then you’re already limiting your opportunities. A professionally written mining/resource industry resume are well worth the investment.

      Good luck with your job hunt Corey. Let us know how you go.

      r.e. How to get plumbing jobs in the mining and resource sector
      iMINCO Mining Information

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