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Mining Companies Australia

Here is a list of the leading mining companies and companies who offer mining trainee-ships and mining apprenticeships. This list will give you a head start when looking for mining job opportunities with the big mining companies, however, we have discovered a better way for you to get to mining if you are a new starter or someone looking to transfer their trade skills into the mining and resource sector.

If you need more information on mining companies and what sort of training is required to meet their standards of employment, call (07) 3106 3723. The office staff there are very helpful and knowledgeable – they know their stuff!

 The top mining companies in Australia

Checklist to begin your research on mining companies

Starting your search for ways to get into the mining and resource industry can be frustrating, so you need to be clear where to start and what you should be looking for. The checklist below will help you in your search for mining job opportunities by expanding your mining knowledge.

The more you know about the mining and resource sector in Australia, the more you know about the mining companies, the greater the chances of you landing a job – because you are aware of what is happening.

If you haven’t got your copy of the mining job workshop e-book, download it now.

  • Find out where the mining companies are located
  • Find out the history of the company
  • Read their latest company announcements and news
  • Discover where the latest mining activity is
  • Find out what types of minerals they are mining
  • Find out what sort of training you need
  • Review the jobs they currently advertise on their website jobs board
  • Prepare you resume to make it mining focused

Traineeships and Apprenticeships

Mining trainee and apprenticeships are offered by many of the top mining companies.

Reference: List of Mining Companies Australia

See our list of mining contractors in Australia.

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