Leighton Holdings $249M Bowen Basin Contract - More Mining Jobs QLD

Leighton Holdings – $249M Bowen Basin Contract

Isacc Plains Coal Mine - Bowen Basin - Leighton Holdings - Dragline Operations Coal Mining - iMINCOOnce again, Moranbah in the Bowen Basin of Queensland is the centre of mining attention, with more mining jobs being created.

Leighton Holdings has won a $249 million contract to provide mining services to the Isaac Plains coal mine in the Bowen Basin.

Under the contract,Leighton Holdings will employ about 160 people in mining jobs.

The contract, which runs for three years, includes a range of contracted mining services, including the operation of a BE1370 dragline, and the supply and maintenance of mobile plant and equipment. It’s estimated the operation will produce around 2.7 million ROM (Run of Mine) tonnes of coal per year.

Where is the Isacc Plains Coal Mine?

The Isaac Plains open-cut coal mine is located approximately 7km east of Moranbah, in the Bowen Basin of Northern Queensland and is the result of a joint venture between Sumitomo Corporation and Vale Australia.

Some 23,000 linear metres of drilling has been completed, discovering a vast coal deposit in the Rangal Coal Measures. Strip mining is the preferred method of extraction, employing blast cast, dozer push and truck & shovel and dragline. The coal seams are close to the surface, and in a consistent flat lying way. Strip mining involves digging a “trench” to expose and extract the coal seam, with the waste material (overburden) placed adjacent to the trench.

The coal is split within the on-site Coal Handling & Preparation Plant into coking, PCI (Pulverised Coal Injection) and thermal coal.

About the Isacc Plains Coal Project?

The project consists of 5 open cut pits. Some of the project infrastructure is situated in the North West corner of the mining area. This includes a 5 kilometre rail loop, a 500tph CHPPCoal Handling and Preparation Plant, train loading facilities, as well as state-of-the-art water and power facilities.

Haul trucks will move the coal from the mining face to a ROM pad, where it is feed into the Coal Handling and Preparation Plant.

The CHPP operates in dual coal product mode producing metallurgical coal and a secondary steaming coal product. Coal is stacked by way of a four armed coal stacker and reclaimer, straight onto waiting trains. Once the coal reaches the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal via a dedicated 172km rail network, it is loaded onto vessels, ready for export.

About Leighton Holdings

Leighton Contractors, a wholly owned subsidiary of Leighton Holdings Limited, is one of Australia`s leading contracting and project development groups, with over $13 billion work in hand and employing more than 14,000 people across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Africa.

The company has a strong presence across mining, telecommunications, civil construction, industrial, energy, health and the services sectors.

How to get a mining job with Leighton Holdings

  • The first thing you have to consider is looking into completing a Mining Induction (Standard 11) course (You may not be allowed on the Isacc Plains mine site without this qualification). The mining induction course is run over 2 days and primarily focuses on Work Health & Safety. You will also learn about what everyday mining life is like “ including mining terminology, procedures, safety and compliance policies.
  • You must have a current Coal Board Medical certificate to work on the Isacc Plains mine site. iMINCO advises you check with Leighton Holdings first. Give them a call.
  • If you are a heavy machine operator or you are qualified to drive a dump truck, or you are an operator of excavators, loaders etc you may may it necessary to transfer your civil machinery operator tickets to RII Competencies.

Additional reading for new starters looking to apply for a job at the Isacc Plains Coal Mine

Leighton Holdings should be your first point of contact when searching for mining jobs at Isacc Plains Coal Mine. You can also contact the Isacc Plains Coal Mine on (07) 4816 7400 and make your own enquiries. As Typically, the variety of mining jobs advertised may vary and as well as Leighton Holdings advertising jobs on their own website, you may find mining jobs on the large jobs boards like SEEK and Indeed.com.au.

Before you apply for any jobs with Leighton Holdings, first of all review your resume and ask yourself these 3 questions;

  • Is my resume up to date and includes all of the correct qualifications like a Standard 11 and Coal Board Medical?
  • Is it easy to read and relevant to the Isacc Plains Coal Mine project?
  • Does my resume contain the right keywords to pass a digital resume scanning process?

A mining-focused resume is absolutely essential if you want to give yourself the best chance at getting an interview. The, once you’re sitting in front of a recruiter or the mining company HR person, you better know your stuff in terms of the job being advertised – but more importantly, you must have knowledge about Leighton Contractors and the Isacc Plains Coal Mine.

You will definitely be asked questions about the mine and what you understand about the project. Mining companies and contractors like Leighton Holdings will employ people who want to become part of the organisation and are not just there for the money.

By being prepared well in advance, you can impress the interviewer and show them you are a team player who understands their business and you’re prepared to commit 100 per cent to the job.

Get the iMINCO guide on how to interview for a mining job and make a lasting impression.

Further reading to help you get a mining job with Leighton Contractors

Reference: Leighton Holdings – $249M Bowen Basin Contract Win – Isacc Plains Coal Mine

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