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Kimberley Gas Hub Inspection

Premier visits Kimberley Gas Hub (March, 2010)

The WA Premier has completed his first tour of the Dampier Peninsula, north of Broome, close to James Price Point, where Woodside hopes to build a gas processing hub.

Colin Barnett was following up a commitment he made to Aboriginal elders from Beagle Bay and Lombadina last year to visit their communities.

Mr Barnett says he had been talking to residents about the likelihood of the gas hub going ahead.

He says there are few things that could prevent that.

“I think the only thing that could, would be if there was some international collapse of economies and I don`t expect that to happen for one moment, certainly not in the Asia-Pacific region.

“So long as the demand is there “ and it`s very strong at the moment “ then I`d expect James Price to proceed.

“I know there are still some issues to be dealt with out here, but there`s a very strong desire amongst the communities to achieve an economic independence.

“The proposed LNG project, while I understand not everyone supports it, does provide a unique opportunity to do that in the Dampier Peninsula area.”


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