Is the mining jobs boom over?

Is the mining jobs boom over?

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$74 Billion Mini Mining Boom

Update: A MINI resources boom will inject $74 billion into the economy and create 80,000 new jobs in the sector over the next decade if new technology is embraced and developed locally, an industry report has revealed.

The Queensland Courier-Mail reported that automation, analytics and robots could create a new wave of jobs in the resources sector. With so much talk about job losses due to automation, it may just create a jobs boom.

According to the Staying Ahead of the Game report, a joint report of National Energy Resources Australia and METS Ignited, the jobs will come from developing and supplying new automation technology to the mining industry as well as advancements helping mining and supply-chain companies to expand.

NOTE: For an updated review of the Queensland/Australian mining boom, read these stories. >> Over 20,000 extra mine workers wanted by 2024. << Follow the link to discover what skills are in demand.

What is really happening economically in the Resources Sector?

Warning- this video was filmed during UGLY shirt day at work….can you tell???

With so much talk about the challenges ahead for mining companies in Australia we hear about some logical reasons not to take the recent news of the mining industry downturn, the reduced prices of minerals and the carbon tax too literally.

What should the average Australian believe is really happening economically within the resources sector. With news that there is around $500 billion worth of projects in the mining and resource sector in Australia?

iMINCO caught up with Tom Palmer, COO of Rio Tinto and shines a light on their production milestones and the. Anglo American plan to double their workforce in the next few years.

Automation in the mining industry is a hot topic, with news indicating automation takes away mining jobs. There is an up-side to automation in that there are more staff required to manage and maintain equipment, creating thousands of mining jobs.

The questions we asked this week were

  • What should the average Australian believe is really happening economically within the resources sector
  • What about the negative press regarding China’s economy and how that affects us?
  • What is the one training course people should do to get into the mines?

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