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iMINCO was recently asked by a number of people about a job that was advertised by WorkPac for a Mobile Plant Operator.

This job was advertised on a mining jobs board The JobSearch website is an Australian government initiative and it was launched last year to help people looking for work. Employers can list their jobs on this website for free and job seekers can browse the website to look for jobs.

The Resources Sector Jobs Board

Australia`s resources sector (mining, oil and gas) offers employment opportunities across a wide range of job classifications. On this jobs board there are career opportunities in trades and transport, WHS, operators, administration and financial services. The Resources Sector Jobs Board website was designed to ‘level the playing field’ and create a one-stop-shop for job seekers to find current and future resource sector jobs.

The website cost us, the Australian tax payers, a lot of money to implement and it does have some useful features; like allowing job seekers to add their skills and qualifications to an online database. Once their names are in the database, resource sector recruiters and mining companies (in theory) can browse the database and find work-ready employees.

Employers also have access to job seeker career overviews and additional information that will help them assess whether the candidate would be suitable for the job being advertised. Job seekers also have access to training advice, as well as important information on Government services that helps secure employment or obtain formal training qualifications to help improve their employability score.

The WorkPac Mobile Plant Operator Job – uncovered

One of the biggest issues job seekers face is understanding just who is advertising the jobs. With so many other mining and resource sector jobs boards online, it can be very confusing to find mining jobs that are being advertised and are still accepting applications.

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This is exactly what has happened with this WorkPac job. iMINCO received the notification from the website by way of a direct feed. As soon as this job was advertised, iMINCO knew about it.

The job hit our radar 3 days ago, and is not accepting applications any longer. Either there was a short window of opportunity, or the position was filled very quickly. When this happens, people who have missed their chance to apply can often feel despondent and a little down, which is understandable.

Applying for mining jobs online is very competitive, so everyone must be on their game and have everything ready to apply for the jobs as soon as they are advertised.

Let’s look at the job…

The Job - Mobile Plant Operators - Bowen Basin

WorkPac - Queensland

Opportunities exist for skilled and experienced Mobile Plant Operators who will form part of and contribute to the Mine Operations Department of a Bowen Basin Mine.

An absolute commitment to working safely, complying with all site safety standards and ensuring a safe and environmentally healthy workplace is essential. It is imperative that you possess the ability and aptitude to maintain high standards of safety, equipment serviceability, housekeeping and compliance with mine working procedures.

This job is quite specific. It’s not an entry-level mining job as we can see. This job is looking for Mobile Plant Operators to work in Queensland coal mining environments in the Bowen Basin.

Linking to the job on the Job Search website we can see there is a lot more to it than the original job posting. This highlights once again the need for all job seekers to be fully prepared and have their mining qualifications up-to-date.

Some of the requirements are:

  • Black Coal Competencies in Haul Truck Operations 793, Front end Loader (CAT)
  • Minimum 2 years mobile plant operating experience
  • Current Generic Induction (Standard 11)
  • Current Coal Board Medical
  • Current Driver’s Licence

These are the basic requirements for this job. Candidates must meet this criteria or they will not be accepted. Not only that; if there are applications that do not list these qualifications on their resume, the application will most likely head for the bin.

When this happens, it’s not a human who reads the resume, it will be automated scanning software that has been specifically programmed to scan all resumes received for keywords related to the advertised job.

As an example, if a candidate’s resume does not contain the keywords “Haul Truck Operations”, “793”, “Generic Induction”, “Standard 11”, “Coal Board Medical”, “mobile plant”,”Black Coal Competencies”, “BCC”,”safety” etc… then the resume may never make its way to the desk of the recruiter. These are the basic building blocks of resume writing to get mining jobs.

This is the first hurdle where 85% of job applications fail. If you think we’re making this stuff up, why not read the iMINCO guide to ‘beating resume scanning software“. This free resource guide explains how these systems are trained to filter out irrelevant resumes. You must read this!!

This job is no longer advertised – what’s next?

Frustrating as it is, jobs are advertised then they disappear. This is a common issue for most people, so let’s look at some ways to dig deeper and find other related mining jobs. These jobs can be advertised by the same recruitment company or there could be similar jobs advertised on other mining jobs boards.

The facts of this job are;

  • WorkPac are the advertiser
  • It was advertised on the Australian government jobs board
  • The job was for Mobile Plant Operators
  • The job is at a coal mine in the Bowen Basin, Queensland

Armed with this information, its not difficult to find out a lot more information about this job and whether it has been advertised elsewhere. One of the biggest pluses is, there will be other jobs advertised that are very similar.

A checklist to find other mining jobs for Mobile Plant Operators

  • Go to and do a search for “Mobile Plant Operators”. Select Regional Queensland.
    You will see “Mobile Plant Operator” jobs advertised
  • One of the jobs has stated a requirement for the applicant to have “BMA/ SGS Induction” and “Generic Induction (Standard 11)
    BHP Billiton have a number of active coal mines in the Bowen Basin. Find out more here: BHP mines in the Bowen Basin Queensland
  • Go to Google and type into the search box “Mobile Plant Operator Bowen Basin”, or “Mobile Plant Operator BMA”. You will see even more jobs advertised for the same, if not similar roles. Make a note of these jobs, the recruiter and the job details.
  • When looking for “Mobile Plant Operator”, there are also jobs in the Bowen Basin for a D9 Dozer Operator, which could also suit the same skills as that of a person applying for the Mobile Plant Operator jobs.

Discovering mining jobs on the jobs boards is easy when you know how. There are jobs everywhere; and while competition can be tough, there are still people who have no problems getting work because;

  • They have the right skills and qualifications.
  • They have their resume set up and ready to go.
  • They have a positive working attitude.
  • They are not dependent on drugs and alcohol.
  • They subscribe to mining job alerts.
  • They have a good social media profile; and
  • They have knowledge of the mining industry (What is the current price of thermal coal for instance?).

Get more mining job tips each week by subscribing to iMINCO Project News; it’s the complete mining news resource that gives a helping hand to ordinary Australians to discover life-changing job opportunities in the mining and resource sector.


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