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How To Beat Resume Scanning Software

How to outsmart Resume Scanner and increase your chances of an interview

You know when you apply for a job and never hear back from the employer? – How frustrating is that?

You’ve taken the time to write a good cover letter and your resume is ‘spot on’ – but still nothing.

One of the reasons you don’t hear back is because your application could have been scanned and ‘binned’ by a computer software program.

Unfortunately, these computer programs [robots], also called Applicant Tracking Systems, have been set up to scan your resume for keywords, qualifications and experience that match the job you’re applying for. If you understand how all this works – you’ll be able to beat the system.

Get more interviews with this one simple hack!

There’s a few little hacks inside this eBook so you can get your application through the door.

Here’s what’s inside the guide

  • Learn about the Applicant Tracking System (resume scanning software). What it is, why they exist and how you can beat them.
  • Your resume VS scanning software. Play the game and beat the robots.
  • Tips for getting your resume into the hands of a human.
  • Resume layout and design tips you must know. Keep it simple.
  • Intention – how to get inside the head of the recruitment consultant.
  • Keywords – understanding why they matter and how to sprinkle them through your resume.
  • Examples of a well-constructed resume that got a job for the owner.
  • Honesty pays – don’t make stuff up – but there’s ways to make you look good.
  • Alternative methods of getting that all-important interview

Get your copy of the book ‘Beating Resume Scanners’ – it might just help you get that job you’ve always dreamed of.

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