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How they are keeping mine workers

How do you attract and keep skilled mine workers is the question for many mining companies.

The Department of Treasury has discovered that, at least some, companies have answered this by offering more attractive rosters and an additional five per cent in the miners` back pocket.

The latest round of mining liberality comes after many companies in Western Australia and Queensland found they are suffering from an increase in staff turnover. To help combat the problem, along with offering substantial pay rises, the latest Department of Treasury notes that firms are increasingly utilising fly-in-fly-out arrangements from other states as another measure to attract and retain skilled staff.

Wage agreements awarding pay increases in excess of five per cent were recorded for some specialised professions. Consider this figure against other firms that are providing pay increases of around three per cent and you`ll see the financial end of things continue to look pretty rosy for mine workers.

Peter Evans, Managing Director of iMINCO, says, “We have the resource that mining companies are looking for. I receive hundreds of requests each week from men and women interested in a career in mining. I know we have lots of skilled people wanting to join up and fill the gaps mining companies are currently experiencing.”

The Department of Treasury report also says that economic activity has yet to completely recover from the Queensland floods. It makes mention of the fact that some resources companies are still removing water from mines and have not returned to capacity.

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