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Gorgon LNG Jobs

Gorgon LNG Project News

The complexity and scale of Gorgon has been likened to a modern-day equivalent of the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme.

It has already delivered more than A$7 billion and 3000 jobs to Australian industry.

These jobs are in Perth “ď spread right through the metropolitan area including Fremantle, Henderson, Spearwood Bassendean, Redcliffe, O`Connor and South Guildford “ď in the Pilbara at Dampier and on Barrow Island and right across Australia

The A$33 billion estimated by ACIL Tasman to be spent on local goods and services by the Gorgob Project will cascade through the WA economy and, where practicable, local suppliers will be used.

Additional benefits will include:

  • Peak construction employment in WA of around 10,000 direct and indirect jobs
  • A substantial A$64 billion net (in today`s money) boost to Australia`s Gross Domestic Product; and
  • Anticipated State and Federal Government revenue of about A$40 billion

Contracts† Heading Overseas (March, 2010)

A recent report tabled in the WA Parliament has recommended the State Government include high-level engineering work in the local content requirement for major projects.

The report found that just half the contracts on the $43 billion Gorgon Gas Project have been awarded to Australian companies.

A spokesman for the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers says:

“It is the State Government`s responsibility to ensure local companies are qualified to carry out the work.

“It has to develop expertise for the successive projects. There are mega LNG and other projects in the pipeline. The continuity of work is here for the next decade. We need to have the expertise to do the work.”Ě

Resources and Infrastructure Industry (RII)

Commonly refered to as Black Coal Competency (BCC), the RII competency is one that can be attained by an operator who has previously worked in the industry and has completed a number of operating hours on various types of machinery.

RII competency is granted to prove correct and safe operation of mine site machinery. It is a very useful qualification to have, as it confirms the operator has the required experience and expertise.

Find out more about RII Competencies here

You can transfer your nationally recognised civil Excavator, Front End Loader or Dozer tickets only to RII Black Coal Competencies.

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