Generic Inductions

Generic Induction

Generic Induction

Information on the Generic Induction course
Course Duration: 2 Days | Investment: $795

Valid for: *5 years

*Validity period may be less, depending on the mining company or employer

Standard 11 - mining induction course

Generic Induction

The Generic Induction training is a 2 day safety course for the mining industry. (with compulsory pre-reading material to be completed prior to commencement). If you are new to the industry, this course is designed to provide you with risk assessment and safety skills before undertaking further induction training on-site. In most cases, it is compulsory to have completed the Generic Induction before you are allowed on a mine site because mining companies strive for an extremely safe work environment.

The Generic Induction is follows the Australian Mining Inspectorate directive. This means you will learn the skills and knowledge mining companies WANT and NEED you to have.

Completing theGeneric Induction means you’ll be well educated in Occupational Health & Safety, keeping you and other mine workers safe from potential injury and harm whilst on-site.

Mining companies will look carefully at the safety training of all applicants before they employ you.

Standard 11 - mining induction course

Generic Induction course locations

There are Standard 11 courses run in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Hervey Bay, Mackay, Emerald, Adelaide and Canberra.

The Generic Induction runs over 2 days, making it convenient for you if you’re working, so you don’t need to take a lot of time off. Once you`ve booked your spot, we will arrange with you the most suitable course date, time that suits your availability and location.

The team of Standard 11 trainers have real mining experience which means not only are they excellent trainers, they can also help you understand life in the mines. Highly practical classes mean you’ll be able to apply your new knowledge and show mining employers real skills which could be the difference between getting a job and not.

Standard 11 - mining induction course locations.

Why you should do your Standard 11

Choosing the right Standard 11 course is important, because your future and safety in the mining and resource industry depends on it. We use the Australia-wide training network of Industry Pathways to deliver the highest quality training in the country.

Once you have completed the Generic Induction, you’ll have instant access to the Industry Pathways Post Training Job Support network. This is purely designed to give you the maximum opportunity to gain employment in the mines.

You’ll get access to an exclusive mining information portal with lists of mining companies, mining jobs boards, resume tips, the latest mining news on developing projects and the types of jobs that are available. Plus, at no charge whatsoever, you’ll be connected to a network of mining companies who are actively looking for highly trained, mine-ready workers.

iMINCO Mining Information More information on the Generic Induction

We recommend you should always check first with the specific site, industry or State regulations you intend to work in, to determine their specific requirements.

Like construction sites, mine site also have their own site specific requirements over and above these mining induction courses which must also be completed to enter onto their site.

Some States do not have any specific generic induction requirements and are thereby determined on a mine by mine basis, however this induction usually covers many of the subjects/topics required by many of those sites.

BMA`s Queensland 6 coal mines have their own process for mining and site specific inductions.

Should you be intending to go straight to one of BMA`s Queensland Coal Mines you should contact them to enquire about their specific site requirements which may mean enrolling into their own induction program or a mixture of both.

Standard 11 - Post Training Job Support for all students completing the Standard 11

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The Generic Induciton course mentioned above is designed by mining employers and follows the Mining Inspectorate directive.

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