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Mining Jobs No Experience – Fitzroy seeks inexperienced mine workers for Ironbark No. 1

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Fitzroy mine workers wanted – Mining jobs no experience needed

If you’re looking for a mining job with no experience, here’s your chance to get on board with Fitzroy Australia Resources. The mining company plans to fill half of the mining jobs at its Ironbark No. 1 coal project in Queensland with workers who have zero mining industry experience. Ironbark No.1 (formerly the Ellensfield coal project), is located about 35km northeast of Moranbah in the Bowen Basin.

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Fitzroy Australia Resources says it needs  around 350 mine workers at the coking coal operation close to Moranbah, with half of the 350 being ‘cleanskins’ – people who have no mining experience at all. Get the latest information on how to get a mining job with for inexperienced workers.

The mine will be an underground longwall and will share infrastructure with Carborough Downs mine close by. Full production is expected to be reached in 2020.

SES Labour Services will be handling the training, development and recruitment solutions for the new workers. They will also deliver the cultural assessment, training requirements and recruitment activities needed for the Ironbark No.1 project. This is a great opportunity for Queenslanders who have wanted to work in the mines but had no experience.

Ironbark will become the first new development from a swathe of mining assets Fitzroy had bought Vale way back in 2016. They acquired the Carborough Downs mine, Broadlea mining project, and a few other development and exploration projects.

Fitzroy chief executive officer Grant Polwarth “Employing some 350 new Fitzroy personnel is very exciting for our business and the region and it comes with both great opportunity and challenge,” Polwarth said.

Although recruiting is expected to begin around Sept 2019, giving plenty of time for new starters to begin their research on underground mining operations and what’s involved.

“What Fitzroy have achieved at Carborough Downs in such a short space of time is a remarkable result already. Their focus on people, and in particular, their desire to drive performance at individual and team levels, is second to none within the industry.”

The agreement with SES is the latest partnership that Fitzroy has formed for Ironbark since the project was approved by the Queensland Government last month.

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