Diesel fitter jobs in the mines

Diesel, Instrument, Mechanical fitter jobs in the mines

Also known as: Diesel Fitter, Heavy Equipment Fitter, Instrument Fitter, Fixed Plant Fitter

Fitters are responsible for the maintenance, repair and manufacture of metal products and machinery. Fitters in the minerals and energy industry can specialise as:

  • DIESEL AND HEAVY EARTHMOVING EQUIPMENT FITTERS: Their job is to diagnose problems, repair, overhaul, tune, maintain and test heavy duty mobile equipment used on site;
  • INSTRUMENT FITTERS: Their job is to fit, assemble, install and maintain the sophisticated electronic instruments;
  • MECHANICAL FITTER: Their job is to service and repair brakes, engines, transmissions and suspension components
  • FIXED PLANT FITTER: Overhaul pumps, install pumps, repair ball and rod mills, repair crushers, install plant and equipment

Entry Point:

  • Certificate I Metals and Engineering Studies,
  • Cert III Engineering (Production Systems)
  • Cert III Automotive Apprenticeship
  • Cert III Automotive Mechanical Technology
  • Average Wage: $80,000-$140,000

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FIFO & DIDO mechanical fitter jobs have various rosters.

Career Progression: Diesel Fitter > Heavy Equipment Fitter > Fixed Plant Fitter

Diesel Fitter Apprenticeships:

Diesel fitter apprenticeships are the launching pad into a career path that offers huge room for personal and professional growth in the mining industry. If you have an interest in machinery, mechanics and problem solving, this is definitely a [mining] career you should think about.

Engineering apprenticeshipscan lead to opportunities and experience in diesel fitting in the mining industry. The responsibilities of diesel fitters in a mine site environment include the repair and maintenance of diesel engines. Engine applications vary widely so diesel fitter apprenticeships may provide a wide coverage ranging from haul trucks and front-end loaders, large mechanical shovels, generator engines, drill rigs and pumping machinery There are many engineering apprenticeships available all over the country so it would not be that hard to look for a company that would grant you with the on-the-job experience you need to get into mining.

Diesel fitter apprenticeships involve developing a deep understanding of how fuel injection systems work. As your knowledge in this area increases, your job will become a whole lot easier, as you improve your knowledge about the strict specifications and proper maintenance of the entire system. These types of mining jobs are always in demand owing to the types of heavy machinery that requires regular maintenance procedures like CAT and Komatsu mining haul trucks.

Like most engineering apprenticeships, it’s really important to be familiar with complex measuring instruments such as engine dynamometers, tachometers and micrometers.

Most of the work required in engineering apprenticeships take place on the job, inside the workshop. This is especially the case when it comes to diesel fitter apprenticeships; you need to be ready to get your hands dirty because you will be dealing with machines all day. Part of the training that diesel fitters will have to go through is a basic welding course including arc, gas, fuel and oxygen welding. Other important facets of the training for diesel fitters include testing, maintenance operation and battery care.

To succeed as a Diesel Fitter you need to have a personality that is willing to embrace challenges on the job. More importantly, you need to have good hand to eye coordination and manual dexterity to do your job well since you will be dealing with delicate apparatus in this line of work. It’s a rewarding career and in the mines, there are plenty of career opportunities if you’re willing to make a go of it.


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